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X-Men: First Class Review

Matt’s Review:

I’m been a fan of the X-Men since I discovered the comics 25+ years ago, so I’m always excited to watch a new X-Men movie, even after the somewhat crap ending to the last one, although the more Wolverine did kinda make up for that.

This latest outing may not be the best, but it was good and certainly better than X-Men 3 (I forget the title of that one off hand). In some ways it’s kinda weird going back to an earlier point in the storyline, but they’ve actaully managed to not only make it work, but keep it true to the original story, or at least close enough.

It’s also cool to see explanations of certain realtionships and other stuff that happens “in the future”, and it’s kinda fun to know that some of the “new” characters you’re introduced to have no way of making it to the end of the movie, kinda like giving them a red shirt to wear!

It does have more of the Hollywood “feel good” factor going on than I’d prefer, but to be fair the comics were a lot like that anyway, it’s usually easy to spot what’s coming, who’s going to live or die, and even who’s going to “swap sides”.

There’s a reasonable dash of humor, and the special effects are unsurprisingly good, without being OTT, considering the subject. And of course there is some fantastic “eye candy” for us lecherous old men, but then I always had a soft spot for Emma Frost in the comics too… lol!

I will add this one to my DVD collection, but I’m probably not going to be in a rush to watch it again, I’ll wait until I feel like doing an “X-men” movie marathon.

If you’re a fan of the X-Men movies I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, if you’re new to the story line you may not, as it may not make as much sense, but I think it does still stand up on it’s own as a fun fantasy/action movie.

Score: 8/10

Gemma’s Review:

I loved X-Men: First Class. It explains how Xavier and Magneto meet, and how they become friends, before having a rather major disagreement about whether humans are good or dangerous.

Anyone who has watched the first X-Men film will know the basic plot line, as it explains how they reach the stage they’re at in the original X-Men. So the main plot for this film is kind of obvious, however there are a few twists and turns in the film which keep you hooked.

I think James McAvoy, who plays Xavier, and Michael Fassbender, who plays Erik (otherwise known as Magneto) are brilliant actors, and fit into their characters very well.

The special effects are brilliant, and look rather realistic; some of the best this year.

I would very happily go and watch it again; especially as I am a major X-Men fan.

I will definitely be buying this on DVD to go with the rest of my collection of the X-Men films, as I’d highly recommend seeing it.

And I will definitely, if they make another film, be going to see it.

Rating: ?/10

Sam’s Review:

This is the fifth and most recent of the X-Men movies and its definitely returned with a bang.

X-Men first class tells the story of how Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) meet and their ensuing friendship. Sadly this friendship is torn apart by the fears of a rising war between mutants and humans, but before this special bond between Xavier and Erik turns sour they do manage to complete some incredible feats, like building a machine to find other mutants, stopping a very powerful mutant hell bent on destroying the world and, of course, stopping the humans starting a nuclear world war.

I enjoyed this film alot because im a bit of an X-Men fan and have seen the other four movies so I was certainly looking forward to this one. One of my favourite parts was when Erik and Xavier were looking for new mutants to help them fight and they found Wolverine and they went to speak to him, he basically told them to get stuffed.

Also the start of the film where it shows a background into Eriks childhood while he was in the concentration camps was very good, especially as it was a lead on from the scene of Erik At the start of the first X-Men film.

The only downside was because it’s a prequel there are certain things that had to happen in it so that took away some of the mystery but the story linking those inevitable events together was very good. The cast were all great, the story was brilliant even the special effects were ace, excellent all round. A must see for any X-Men fan!

Rating: 8/10

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