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Wroclaw Photos and facebook

I’ve been intending to post about my recent trip to Wroclaw in Poland with “the posse”, but still haven’t found time, although that’s probably because facebook is sucking up my spare time at the moment…

If you haven’t checked out yet you really should, it’s not only the 7th most popular site in the world, with over 200,000 new members signing up each day, it’s also real cool and a lot of fun.

It’s also kind of cool for catching up with old friends, I managed to catch up with a couple of people who I’ve not been in touch with in years, one of whom (Marlon Pritchard) has since moved to Australia…

go get yourself signed up on facebook now and feel free to do a friend request for me, you can find my profile here:

Matt garrett on facebook

If you just do a search for “matt garrett” you’ll find there are over 376 of us on facebook, so using th eprofile link above will save you a bit of time..

Oh, and I did manage to find the time to post a few photos of the Wroclaw trip (where I had my mobile nicked and we missed the plane home) on my profile…


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