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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Hi,as marketers we're often asked what was the one thing that made the biggest difference to our success...I know that many marketers have the same answer, attending a marketing event!I was at one in Portugal a few weeks ago.It cost quite a bit to go, in fact may costs added up to over £888/$1175, once you factor in the ticket cost, the flights, the hotel, the transport, food and drink (quite a lot of drink)...but here's why I go to these events:1. I get to learn new things that improve my business and profitsI picked up several at this event that have already started making a big difference to my bottom line! 2. I get to hang out with a bunch of fellow marketers, many of whom have become friends over the years3. hanging out with other marketers inevitably throws up opportunities, one such conversation that started at the Portugal event resulted in a new 'deal' that's likely to add AT LEAST 6 figures to my income in 2018that kinda puts the cost of getting there in perspective doesn't it? :-)while you may have missed out on the networking, this time, you don't have to miss out on the gold nuggets in the presentations...The guys behind it got everything on video and you can grab these for under $'s a quick run down:Simon Harries - how to run launches for other people and get paid for doing itLaura Casselman - an Industry Changing 'automation' feature thats coming soon to JVZooStefan Ciancio - Beyond Launching and Affiliate Traffic, specifically using PInterest (just one tip from this changed how I look at PInterest!Matthew Shlomo Mintz - Webinar Breakthrough StrategiesKimberly Hash deVries - Communication and CoachingDanny Walsh - Funnels of the FutureMichael Baptiste - Affluent Marketing and taking things to the next levelthere was also a QandA session with Luke Maguire, Laura Casselman and Sam Bakker which was fascinating.hit the button to check it out now: Click Here! Cheers, Matt Garrett How To Get In Touch:Blog: MattGarrett.comsupport: support@gazmat.comFacebook: Share: Why Am I Receiving This Newsletter?You're receiving this email because you bought one of our products orone of our partners products on JVZooOur goal is to share with you our amazing and valuable content, reviews, discount and product reviews to help your become the highly profitable marketer you deserve to be!If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter then simply use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this email.Too Many Emails? Try our Private Weekly Summary Newsletter:​​​​​​​All Content in this email is Copyright © GazMat Publishing Ltd. and may not be republished in any format without express permission.

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