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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Hi, They're closing down the OMG offer tonight, so please make sure you grab the downloads here before they're gone! and as there have been a few questions, here's a FAQ I got from Mike: Q: Why is OMG so effective with incredible member success? A: The engine is OMG SEO ROI. OMG = One Man Gang, because our members are in low/close to zero overhead businesses, yet they have shocking financial leverage. It's based on the SEO (understanding Google organic web search traffic) research of Greg Morrison, and Josh Fletcher. They have each made 7-figures focusing on SEO. OMG president David Mills sets Greg, and Fletch to focus on RandD and experience with their own businesses, and then bringing that RandD back to OMG'ers. We don't have long meetings. In several years now we've had less than a dozen. But David has everybody coordinated and on task. So that opens up the real money-getting time for our members, which comes in step by step over the shoulder a to z 100% transparent training in your members area... and weekly webinars with Greg, and Fletch to present new findings and to answer every question. Now it's time to look at the ROI - the Return on Investment component, because that's what brings everything together. Greg uses and has used his incredible SEO talent and RandD to experience affiliate marketing at an incredible level. Greg has sent millions and millions of dollars in business to all kinds of businesses in the health and wellness space. (Greg's specialty is addiction - he's helped thousands get well!) Those businesses in turn have paid Greg millions. That payment has come from affiliate commission checks (which is mainly what he focuses on these days) and from building sites and flipping them (which is how Greg got his start). Now it didn't cost Greg millions or anywhere near that to make these sites that he's sold, or that he's kept and still profit him today on autopilot or semi-autopilot. His profit has probably been in the 80% and above range. So Greg used his knowledge from his RandD and from his experience, plus thousands of dollars, to make sites that have made him millions. And his customers have made millions and millions and millions from the customers Greg sent. Win win win. And the ROI happens at every step! (Including, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, how many people's lives Greg has helped change by getting them connected with somebody who can help, or a product that can make even life or death difference.) Greg passes that on to OMG members. Just earlier this week I got an earnings report from Jay from Oslo Norway. Over $100,000 in affiliate commission paychecks this month! Thanks to Greg! Q: What about beginners? A. This is our specialty. All of our player coaches are especially good at helping feed A to Z instructions at just the right pace. They are accountable as they are face to face with you every week. Q: Why do you have a 90-day system, plus several months of coaching after that? (And can I do this part time!?) A: Because after 90-days you'll be in one of two places - ready to scale, or you'll still have questions about getting started. (Because, for example, some people might have life get in the way, out of the blue for a few weeks, and we don't want you to slip between cracks.) You see we designed OMG to be done part time. I tell people once you hit around $10,000 profit per month it's time to think about going full time. And that mention of wanting to scale up wasn't a throw-away or an exaggeration. That's how we get so many 7-figure members. Q: Does this work from small towns? + What about worldwide? A: We have members living in some of the smallest towns in America. And these are many of our most successful. And OMG is truly international - both in the sense that you can do business from anywhere - even Afghanistan (really!) Q: What if you're a technophobe or have 2 left thumbs when it comes to anything tech? A: Probably the biggest reason we have success with such a broad range of beginners from all walks of life is because OMG levels the tech hurdle with exact step by step over the shoulder training with nothing left out, and with your questions getting overwhelmingly answered. Q: What else can you use all that incredible SEO free traffic for? Is it just for making 6 or even 7 figures a year from clients? A: We have many 7-figure per year OMG'ers using SEO free traffic for Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce, and for their own offers. Stephen has 4 Ecommerce sites that add up to 7-figures per year. So he has an incredible range of advice and a to z Ecommerce training. Greg Morrison is multi-million dollar SEO affiliate. And then there's the D factor. The David Mills factor. David is a world master at end to end web business. OMG is a $45,000,000 wildly successful project. And David designed millions more in information projects with incredible member success before that. David's Super Human Performance Training is coming for 2019 and it's going to be incredible! Just last week Joseph Baffey was saying how he stuck with David and he went from not closing clients... to a giant hot streak he's riding now where he closes every reasonable one. Because OMG is not just about understanding SEO but also conversion. David makes sure of that - between his awesome training and the way he set Greg, Stephen and Josh to bulldoze barriers to conversion for you. In Summary: OMG is a life changing coaching mastermind program with 1000+ members having wild success. The OMG Week Offer ends tonight, Midnight Eastern, 9 PM Pacific, 6 AM in London. A TON of people have jumped in on this already and people are swarming all over the page watching the State of Digital Marketing 2019 webinar, and reviewing yesterday's "What's here in DMA 2019, and what's to come" webinar. If you have questions you can use the green chat box in the Bottom right of the page to reach OMG-Cofounder Mike Long personally until midnight Eastern, 9 PM Pacific, 5 AM in London tonight AND a reminder on the download: #1: Digital Marketing Agent Whitepaper #2: 8-page Replicability Roadmap #3: Case studies and more... 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