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UK Earthquake

I guess working late on the internet does throw up some interesting stuff now and then, we just had an earthquake and as I wasn’t in bed asleep I got to experience the whole 7-8 seconds of the whole house being shaken!

To start off with I thought it must be a big truck driving by or something, but as everything in my office shook and I saw the poor cat shoot by the door and head downstairs it dawned on me that it was one of our rare earth quakes..

So I grabbed my glass of wine and went to see what was being said about it on the news, I shouldn’t have rushed, it was over 20 minutes (and one glass of wine) later before anyting was mentioned, but apparently it was fairly big as it was felt over a large part of the country.

It was another 20 minutes or so before some bright spark at Sky found the USGS website and got more details..

4.7 on the richter scale and the epicenter was 15 miles north of Lincoln..

Now if only I’d thought of taking a picture of everything shaking, I could send it in to Sky News and be famous!!!

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