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I’ve only had my current Samsung mobile phone for 5 months and Samsung have gone and made a much better one, making me wish I hadn’t been quite so quick to upgrade!

samsung g600 5 megapixel camera phoneI grabbed the D600 when it came out back in May simply because it was small and neat and had a built in 3.2 mega pixel camera built in, but they’ve now released a new version, the G600, that has a 5MP camera built in!!

Technology seems to be moving faster and faster, and Samsung do seem to be leading the way with their new phones, this one takes better quality photos than my digital camera, although my trusty old Pentax Option is getting a little long in the tooth…

The G600 also has a built in FM radio and with a 2GB memory card costing around £25 you can get a LOT of photos and mp3 files on it.

Way to go Samsung!

Now I just need to find one going cheap on ebay…

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