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Tantrum Sex

My wife floored me tonight!

My sotmach hurt so much I was in teers..

From laughing too much!

Ira was watching a program about “Tantric Sex” and called to me in the kitchen to say that we should try “Tantrum Sex”, slightly different and very funny.

Although it’s probably funnier if you know my wife, she’s a 6′ tall, red head Leo with a somewhat “firey” temperament, so she might actually have meant “Tantrum Sex”..


One Comment to “Tantrum Sex”

  1. on 22 Nov 2009 at 9:56 pmRoger Neumann

    Hey Matt

    I googled tantrum sex and found your website. This is something we can market!!! I bet it will build our “list” much faster.


    Go out and make it a successful day! :-)