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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

Last night I got back from a weeks Holiday in Sunny Spain, and oh boy was it sunny! I’ve managed to pick up a fairly good tan, in between the Mosquito bites, they seemed to take a liking to the high level of vino flowing through my veins and spent the week partying on me!

The holiday was the biggest “family” holiday we’ve ever done. My kids and I shared a house with my parents and my big sister, although she somehow managed to “accidentally” (I believe you sis) mess up her booking so that she arrived a couple of days after us and stayed for a couple of days longer…


How Life Moves On

This weekend should be the 5th annual Hay-on-Wye Festival of the literature and arts “piss-up” weekend for me, Jumbo, Col, Tat and Hugh, but we’re not gonna be there.

It’s a shame but life moves on, we’re all off doing other things and somehow it’s just not where we’re at this year, maybe we’ll come back to it next year or some time in the future, but for now, the tradition we started back in 2003 has faltered.

I know that the friends I have shared this “qaulity” (drunken & relaxed) time with for the last few years are still great friends and we’ll do it again, but I also know that we don’t HAVE to do the weekend just because it was becoming a bit of a tradition.