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Leckhampton Loop Pubcrawl

I had planned on posting this pics straight from my phone as we did the pub crawl on Saturday, but had some technical difficulties, as my phone had lost my email password, so apologies for posting them “after the fact” as it were…

This is one of my favorite pub crawls, as we start just under a minute from my front door, make our way in to town and then back to end close to home again.

We forgot to take a pic of the 13th pub, the Prince of Wales, and the last pub, the Exmouth Arms.

1st Pub & lunch: The Norwood Arms

The Norwood Arms

we had a very nice Ham, Egg and Chips for lunch in the Norwood.


Leckhampton Pubs

Well the experiment of posting pics and summaries of the pubs we visited on the pub crawl yesterday was a bit of a failure.

For some reason the emails just weren’t sending correctly, only one managed to get sent out successfully and it didn’t show up
as a post until almost 24 hours later, so I guess I’m going to have to figure out what went’ wrong, but in the meantime, here’s the photos that didn’t get posted.

We had a drink in 16 pubs in all, missing out the Norwood Arms as it’s closed for renovations, so a fairly full days work. We hit the first one shortly after 1pm and left the last one sometime around 10:30pm ish.