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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

Matt’s Empty House

wow, my house is half empty!

Ira (aka the “X2B”) has moved out and is taking the last of her share of our stuff with her tomorrow, so my house is a little empty.

I also spent most of last weekend (easter bank holiday) filling up a skip with all the stuff that seems to have accumulated over the last 4 years, it’s amazing how much crap you can end up with in such a short period of time and how good it feels to get rid of so much useless “clutter”.

I took the kids to check out the new place tonight and it has their officiall stamp of approval, so I guess I’ve not lost my touch.


Matt Garrett Going Green

For the first time since I was about 17 years old I’m about to not have a car!!

Anyone who knows me well will probably be more than a little surprised by that..

I spent a large part of my “career”, back when I had a “normal” job, travelling all over the country visiting clients, so over the years I’ve had some fairly nice cars and possibly become a little bit of a “car snob”. (lol!)

So going without a car is going to be a bit of a “culture shock” for me.

Why am I doing it?