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funny photos blog

it’s not like I’ve got the spare time for this, but I’ve set up yet another blog today, maybe I’m becoming a blog addict..

I’ve now got so many blogs that I could spend all day just posting to them and I wouldn’t get more than one post per blog done…

as an example, Col and I went to whatch the movie “shoot em up” tonight, and although I haven’t done it yet, I will be posting what I thoght of the movie on my tv, films and movies blog tomorrow. I would have done it already but I’ve just spent the last hour or so posting stuff on 5 other blogs that I have, although those are money making blogs, so they tend to get priority. :)

I’ve only had my current Samsung mobile phone for 5 months and Samsung have gone and made a much better one, making me wish I hadn’t been quite so quick to upgrade!

samsung g600 5 megapixel camera phoneI grabbed the D600 when it came out back in May simply because it was small and neat and had a built in 3.2 mega pixel camera built in, but they’ve now released a new version, the G600, that has a 5MP camera built in!!

Technology seems to be moving faster and faster, and Samsung do seem to be leading the way with their new phones, this one takes better quality photos than my digital camera, although my trusty old Pentax Option is getting a little long in the tooth…


Day Out At Bristol Zoo

Wow! An August bank holiday and it wasn’t raining!!!

I guess we were long overdue a bit of sunny weather, it’s not exactly been a great summer this year…

As the weather was good, I thought I’d take a trip out somewhere for the heck of it and ended up at Bristol Zoo.

I have been before, but it was quite a few years ago and I had a vague memory of there being an underwater gallery where you could watch the enguins and seals swim, I was right…

Apparently Layla Cox, who did the Conversational Traits Video I posted yesterday, missed one, so here it is: –

are you a “one upper”?