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Internet Marketing Meets Life…
  • Start of day three for Tim’s, we’re covering blogging today, so an east day for me, unless Tim drags me up for a chat…
  • @maureengendron Hi Maureen, I’ve had problems with the plugin on some hosts, but works fine on most. also try grabbing the latest version.
  • Martin Avis is now showing TheFreedomClass how to communicate the right way with our lists, he’s always worth listening to!
  • @cmiddlebrook Hi Caroline, see if your bank have a currency negotiation form that allows you to pay in several cheques at one time.
  • @robocallaghan we’re not finished yet Rob, got the TheFreedomClass Q & A Session to go before you can sneak off for beers…
  • Tim Brockelhurst’s TheFreedomClass day 2 just starting, students all have a working product on PayDotCom, front end lessons today..
  • @maureengendron Hi Maureen, I use the Twitter plugin and just have “create tweet when you post in your blog” set to yes.
  • students now have branded reports done, time to go Viral! Alan Forrest Smith’s presentation on copywriting next up… #
  • another great presentation at TheFreedomClass workshop, Alan Forrest Smith just ripped apart my salespage! :)
  • TheFreedomClass done for another day, time to go replenish the alcohol system and disect the day. Back tomoz… :)