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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Hmm, time for a catch up, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, when is it not.. :)

Last week my sister got back from a month “Down Under” visiting freinds, so we had a night catching up on things and looking through her photos. She’s got a swanky new digital camera, seems everyone’s got one nowadays and mine’s looking a bit old in the tooth, my wife’s mobile phone takes better pictures than my old digi cam.. :(

Anyway, as Tag hasn’t totally got to grips with her blog yet ( I thought I’d upload a couple of her photos here.

Normal point though, they’re copyrighted, so don’t go pinching them just ’cause they look good, if you’re interested in using them leave a comment with a contact address and what you wanna use ’em for and I’ll aks my sis..

1. Scenic Beach shot –

scenic Oz beach shot

2. Scenic Coastal Shot –
Scenic Oz Coastal Shot

3. Scenic Outback Shot –

scenic oz outback shot weird rocks

4. Scenic Wildlife Shot

scenic oz wildlife pelican shot

and I’ve saved the best for last, while Trace was there she had the chance to swim withs some seals (or Sealions, not sure whcich they are), which looked Really Cool!

5. Swimming with the Seals –

Swimming with Seals or Sealions

I reckon she had a pretty good time out there.. :)

Back in old blighty things haven’t been quite so much “fun”, but we have been busy, my dear lady wife, Ira, passed her Gym Instructor exam today, so she’s over the moon!

She’s been working hard for it for quite a while now and she’s not finished yet as she has two more related exams she’s going for coming up over the next couple of weeks, but she’s looking forward to starting her new career in the health and fitness industry, especially having spent her first three years here in the UK getting better and better paid office jobs, but hating each one..

As she has a degree in Economics (and used to teach at university) she felt she should be follwoing a carer path related to that, but slowly came to realise that it’s far better to follow your passions in life, even if it sometimes means taking a big drop in income to start with.

Quality of life is not just about how much you get paid, enjoying what you do can be far more rewarding!

As for me, well I’m still working towards launching a info product of my own, but there’s quite a lot to getting a successful product launch up and running, so as of now it’s still a “work in progress”..


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