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Hi, Note: see why I don't use this support desk software below... It’s no secret that SERVICE sells And in the face of skyrocketing competition, customer support has a massive impact on your profitability. Maybe you’re ‘winging it’, trying to do everything manually, perhaps via email? Or are paying HUGE monthly fees for software that only does half of the job. Either way, it's going to hold your business back" so here's the solution: MotoSupport - the world’s 1st STANDALONE Support Desk Solution This powerful software makes it point and click easy to deliver PREMIUM support to both customers and prospects. It makes you look like a PRO while saving you massive amounts of time and money over existing products. Here’s a quick overview of the features built-in to the software: Handles UNLIMITED products and brands Add UNLIMITED users and even assign agents to different products 1-click email integration with over 20 autoresponders Automated support ticket generation Instant, real-time notifications of new support requests INCLUDED mobile app lets you or your team reply to support questions from your phone Auto-reply lets you send professional replies even when you’re offline Customer Satisfaction Surveys - ideal for social proof and improving your support Detailed Support Updates - send summaries of each ticket by email to customers Agent Performance Reports - see at-a-glance how each support member is performing Bottom line? MotoSupport is the ONLY support-desk software you’ll EVER need! So, back to the obvious question, why am I not using it myself (yet)? The support desk I use costs $499 for the standard version... I 'inherited' a full version (that has more than I actually need) from an old business partner who had done some development work for them and ended up with a spare license for free. and as I've been using it for quite a few years I have a LOT of help documents/responses built in that will take a lot of time to transfer. I tried several support desk systems in the past, and if MotoSupport had been around back then I'd have grabbed it without hesitation! I strongly suggest you do so now... Choose from self-hosted or fully-hosted plans here: Click Here To See For Yourself Now! ​ Cheers, Matt Garrett How To Get In Touch:Support: support@gazmat.comBlog: MattGarrett.comProducts: MattG.comMedia Library: HomeBusinessReport.comFacebook: Share: Why Am I Receiving This Newsletter?You're receiving this email because you bought one of our products orone of our partners products on JVZooOur goal is to share with you our amazing and valuable content, reviews, discount and product reviews to help your become the highly profitable marketer you deserve to be!If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter then simply use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this email.Too Many Emails? Try our Private Weekly Summary Newsletter: Content in this email is Copyright © GazMat Publishing Ltd. and may not be republished in any format without express permission.

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