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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Last night my Bro, Jumbs, came up to Cheltenham and the plan was to go watch a movie with Col, but after a few Guinnesses we kinda decided to just hang out and chat.

so we had a wander around town visiting some of my favorite pubs before ending up in his favorite Club (Excess) for a drink or two and by the time we left he was suddenly wobbling and seemed as if he’d had a LOT more to drink than Col and me.

We thought nothing of it and headed off to my favorite club (24/7) for a last pint or tweo before calling it a night.

Jumbs had just one more pint of Guinness and then we had to carry him to the taxi rank. He’d had the same amount to drink as us, but seemed as if he’d drunk 2 or 3 times as much.

the only conclusion I can come to is that his drink was spiked and the only place it could have happened was in Excess, so if you’re out and about drinking with friends in Cheltenham, keep your eyes open and look after each other.

When I spoke to Jumbs this afternoon he couldn’t remember anything after arriving in Excess…

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