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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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In other words, what work am I doing. :)

I’ve finally finished one of my new projects, although two for this month are still “ongoing”, one I’m trying to get finished for launch on Monday, and the other I’m aiming for March 9th, so I’m a little busy.

The finished one is just a simple software application for recovering deleted files called WUndelete Pro File Recovery (

And as I’m a real sucker for punishment I’ve started another new blog (as well as The Best Bits) for sharing my IM (internet marketing) product testing results – IMTesting

The product that I’m working on now is actually based on something I enjoy doing myself, the MMORPG (online roleplaying game) World of Warcraft.

If you haven’t heard of it before, it happens to be fairly popular with over 7 million people playing across the world, so not exactly small..

And a lot of players are always looking for ways of “leveling” their characters or earning more “Gold” in the game, so I’m working on a small info product that shows how to do both.

The upside is that I can now spend a little more time playing the game as it’s “research” for my product, bu the downside is that I am actually having to do research in the game and test out all my tips, so it’s not as much fun as normal. I have to keep records and make lots of notes to make sure the tips are accurate and work.

I guess I’d better go and get on with it..

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