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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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the simplest way to build up a solid, ongoing income online is to promote recurring commissions programs, so you make ongoing commissions months after month…

promoting services and products that have a recurring commissions structure made a massive difference to my business when I discovered the true power of this “secret”…

the math makes it easy to see why recurring commission programs simply ROCK!

let’s say you’re promoting a product that pays you $10 commission per sale, as a “one off”

if you make one sale a day, you will have made $300 at the end of the first month, the problem is you’re going to make exactly the same again in month 2, month 3, month 4 etc.

BUT if that commission was recurring, then you would still only have made $300 at the end of the 1st month, but at the end of subsequant months you can see where the “recurring” effect kicks in: -

  • end of month 2 = $ 600
  • end of month 3 = $ 900
  • end of month 4 = $1,200
  • end of month 5 = $1,500
  • end of month 6 = $1,800

so at the end of 6 months, for the same work/effort/initial sales, you would be getting $1,500 PER month MORE!

Obviously that’s somewhat simplified, for instance there would of course be cancellations and refuns over time, so the figures wouldn’t be quite that high, but you get the idea.

so it does kinda make a LOT of sense to concentrate your efforts on promoting products and services that have a recurring commission structure, but where do you find them..?

well, how about a list of 160+ RECURRING COMMISSIONS affiliate programs In 17 Different Niche Categories, all for under $12.50, although it is on a dime sale, so the price keeps going up…

the quicker you grab your copy the cheaper it will be!

here’s the download link  ~>

AND, so that you can make the most of these new recurring affiliate programs straight away, here’s how to start getting traffic to them now ~>

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