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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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It’s now 21 days since I made a post, guess my life’s even more hectic than I thought and posting once a week may even be a bit optimisitic..

Oh well, I don’t suppose any one really reads this blog anyway. :)

So has anyone else noticed the plague of “daddy long legs” (or Crane Flies) that we’re having this year?

These ungainly, irritating, can’t fly for toffee, little beasties are an absolute pain in the bum this year.

If I leave my window open in the evening, which is normal, they’re finding their way in at the rate of 2 or 3 an hour!

OK, they may not be difficult to catch and deal with, but it’s a right royal pain having to chase the long legged, bumbling insects down every 10 mins.

On the upside, the garden spiders seem to be loving it, and growing a tad larger than normal..


crane fly being eaten by a spider


I snapped this spider in action with it’s daddy long legs supper in the garden last weekend. Poor thing.. :)

I may have a tiny garden (less mowing to do), but there’s still a bunch of cool stuff out there if you take the time to look, as my kids are often pointing out to me..

I found a cool looking caterpiller too..


cool caterpiller


But back to the irritating daddly long legs..

My wife was convinced that there’s far more of them around than last year, I hadn’t really noticed until she mentioned, not being squeemish about such things like she is, but she’s right.

Apparently it’s because there’s been far fewer wasps around this year (I’ve no idea why that is), but the wasps normally eat the crane fly lava, which are also apparently really bad for your lawn.

Isn’t it amazing what you can find out on the net..

and there’s more..

These crazy long legged demons turn out, “allegedly”, to have the most toxic natural poison on the planet, worse than the deadliest spider or snake, but it’s not a problem because their biting bits are just too small and weak to be able to get through our skin!

Phew!! :)

I’ve no idea whether that’s actually true, but I have a vague memory of hearing it mentioned on one of those informative programs on animal planet, so it must be true, right..?

I’ve got one more photo before I call it a night, this was a shot that Ira spotted for me when we were in Cardiff recently.

Next time you think life’s “dumping” on you from a great height, just remember that it’s a lot closer to home if you’re a statue..

 pigeon poo on statue

So dont’ let life get you down, no matter how much sh1t get’s thrown your way.

One Comment to “Once a week? Once a month more like.. and the Crane Fly Plague..”

  1. on 17 Nov 2006 at 3:19 pmChrisM

    You do have at least a couple of readers Matt ;>
    What exactly do you have against daddy long legs – I read through your post, and other than the fact that they are sharing the same room as you, how exactly do they bug you?
    btw I wondered why comments were automatically closed on posts older than a certain date? I’ve been incredibly lax at commenting on your posts, and went through a bunch I was interested in, but the older ones all stated comments closed.
    Hey ho.
    Guess I’ll have to go and do some work in a mo.
    Or sleep. (For anyone else reading this, I’m GMT+6, I’m not normally found in bed at 8.20pm :-] )
    PS Will reply properly to your e-mail after weekend – my Irina has her extended family over, so we’re not at home or sober much for a couple of days.
    Hard life really…