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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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  • finally managed to lure the kids away from the PC’s, perhaps now I can get some work done! :) #
  • @successcoach EA is live, peeps are getting their Q’s answered – ! :) #
  • @marlonsanders thanks for the RT Marlon! :) sending you a DM… #
  • Retweeting @marlonsanders I like this overall approach because ANYONE can write an intriguing 4 page if you WORK at it! #
  • @marlonsanders you’re welcome! :) #
  • are you stuck? What’s holding you back… #
  • adswaps forum news… #
  • need food! last night with kids for a week, so having pizza with extra cheese as a treat! back to work later… :) #
  • @marlonsanders I’ve not done reciprocal linking in over 3 years, never found it worth the time and effort… #
  • @marlonsanders had an art of mine picked up by SiteProNews a while back – #
  • @marlonsanders will have a look at tho, always good to check out new stuff… thanks. :) #
  • RT @jeffdedrick: Doing a webinar with Liz Tomey tonight: #
  • @marlonsanders used for the article submissions, SiteProNews picked it up from it got a LOT of traffic.. :) #
  • @marlonsanders LGMe recommends Jon Leger’s not reciprocal, it is “lazy git marketing” method after all… :) #
  • @successcoach “nothing like a 3 way” – I’m not gonna touch that one mate! lol #
  • @marlonsanders just answering a Q in EA on the same topic, “what’s the best back links system?”… :) #
  • enough work for today, time to go play warcraft with my son! :) same place, same time tomoz… lol #

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