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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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  • just been stumbling a post for a friend & ended up spending 30mins reading computer stupidities
  • New BlogTactics Post: Top 12 WP Blog Plugins
  • @neilshearing lol! nope, @chrisgarrett isn’t a relative, although my mum’s name does happen to be Chris… :)
  • Glad to see they’ve fixed the “school boy” error of not cloaking the clickbank payment url on Sal’s Recesion Rescue System site! :)
  • lol! spoke too soon, the clickbank payment is is back, roll on the hoplink hijacking!
  • @joelcomm read enders game and the rest of the series a few years ago, damn good read. :)
  • @kiwichamp cloaking the clickbank payment url means affiliates get less hoplink hijacks, so earn more commissions = happy affiliates
  • just uploaded a new video on one of my secret weapons – Got a PR6 domain last week and a PR4 for just $10 this week
  • and note the total lack of an “affiliate link”, an example of how it can be done properly… :)
  • @SuperAffil I have a java link cloaker. I actually meant the clickbank payment link on the sales page itself isn’t cloaked
  • @SuperAffil the link cloaker you linked to still shows the affiliate url in the browser title –
  • @SuperAffil the java link cloaker i use doesn’t show that – :)
  • @SuperAffil oops! I really wasn’t paying attention, I actually put the clickbank hoplink in the page title field… doh! :)
  • @SuperAffil it still doesn’t help if the sales page uses the raw clickbank payment link instead of an “order.html” redirect. :)

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