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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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  • Made an early start to the day, but that oh so rare sunny weather is calling….
  • @neilshearing I’m not convinced your two new assistants are gonna be a lot of help Neil… lol!
  • @bonafide70 Hi Jerry, yup, still in Cheltenham and spending too much time in the pub gardens!
  • @Josh_Spalding Gotta agree with you mate, I use LiquidWeb for my main sites and never had a single hiccup, no matter how much traffic I send #
  • just got spammed for a WSO on my DigitalPoint profile! Is nowhere safe from WSO’s…
  • @robocallaghan did consider reporting the WSO “spam”, but ended up buying a copy after spotting a thumbs up from Dave Kelly…
  • @MikePaetzold welcome aboard Mike! luv the blog! :)
  • anyone joined the new WarriorPro paid forum? Is it worth paying…?
  • @mikepaetzold Mike, I get a blank page when I go to
  • @AbhinavSood check this video for the best permalink setup –
  • @JasonMJames another new follower name I recognise, welcome aboard Jason! :)
  • time for a late lunch and a power nap, getting up before noon does that to me, back later. :)
  • @SorenJordansen Red Lobster for dinner! You living the highlife mate? I’m on fishfingers… :)
  • more videos for finished, think I’ll call it a day, early start again tomorrow. :)

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