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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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  • @alex_jeffreys Happy Birthday mate! have one for me, Iit’s a bit early for me. 😉
  • had a friend drop by tonight to drop of 2 bottles of wine for me, now that’s thekinda friend I like! :)
  • another late start to the day, had my “morning” cuppa, now to do a blog post about this new blog plugin for twitter..
  • New BlogTactics Post: Free Twitter Blog Plugin
  • @Alex_Jeffreys not been to a seminar since BritPack last year, sounds like that’s not happening this year, bit of a shame!
  • @DaveTaylor Alex King has a plugin for WP that will make your days tweets a blog post –
  • @DaveTaylor there’s also a free tool for protecting sites/blogs from site scrapers at
  • @sorenjordansen looks good, but I’m on hols with my kids that week. :( cool photos from last year!
  • @rockynate thanks for the heads up on adding .me to WW resellers, also now offering .me registrations. :)
  • @sorenjordansen you were probably at the bar getting another refill mate! lol! I seem to have a guiness in my hand in one photo…
  • @robertpuddy so where’s my JV invite for your launch Bob? :)
  • @robertpuddy Thanks Bob, just sent you an email with a Q tho. :)

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