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Matt Garrett Going Green

For the first time since I was about 17 years old I’m about to not have a car!!

Anyone who knows me well will probably be more than a little surprised by that..

I spent a large part of my “career”, back when I had a “normal” job, travelling all over the country visiting clients, so over the years I’ve had some fairly nice cars and possibly become a little bit of a “car snob”. (lol!)

So going without a car is going to be a bit of a “culture shock” for me.

Why am I doing it?

Simple, the car I’ve got at the monent is costing an small fortune to run and I’d rather use the money for other things, like perhaps pay off a bit of my credit card debt.. :)

Now it does help that I’m about to move to an area of Cheltenham that’s a lot closer to the town center and has a lot of shops, pubs, cafe’s and takeaways, all within walking distance

and I’m hoping that having to walk, or cycle, everywhere will help me to stay a bit fitter, altough being walking in distance of a whole bunch of good pubs might not help..

I’ll post updates on how my “going green” experiment is going once the cars gone, which is in just 20 days time…

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