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Leckhampton Pubs

Well the experiment of posting pics and summaries of the pubs we visited on the pub crawl yesterday was a bit of a failure.

For some reason the emails just weren’t sending correctly, only one managed to get sent out successfully and it didn’t show up
as a post until almost 24 hours later, so I guess I’m going to have to figure out what went’ wrong, but in the meantime, here’s the photos that didn’t get posted.

We had a drink in 16 pubs in all, missing out the Norwood Arms as it’s closed for renovations, so a fairly full days work. We hit the first one shortly after 1pm and left the last one sometime around 10:30pm ish.

the norwood arms
pub No. 1 – The Norwood Arms – closed for renovations

the Brown Jug
pub No. 2 – the Brown Jug

Good choice of beers, real ale, Guinness and Newcastle Brown ale. Good menu and cheap with themed menu’s every Wednesday for under £5.

The Five Alls
pub No. 3 – The Five Alls

no real ale on, although 2 usually available, and no Newcastle Brown Ale, so a Pint of Guinness.

Good snacks including Pork Scratchings and Scampi Fries.

“old schools” pub with a good selection of heavy metal on the JukeBox.

The Exmouth Arms
pub No. 4 – The Exmouth Arms

Good selection of beers with 3 Real Ales, Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale.

Friendly staff and huge beer garden, but crisps expensive at £1 a packet.

Also have papers available for reading, if they haven’t already been grabbed.

Morans Wine Bar
pub No. 5 – Morans, technically more of a wine bar than a pub, but we couldn’t miss it out.

Good seating area outside, although perhaps a little close to the road.

First pub with White Beer on offer
Morans Wine Bar Menu

Menu looks worth trying for a meal or two,

The Jolly Brewmaster
pub No. 6 – The Jolly Brewmaster

One of my favourite pubs, with the biggest selection or real ales (7 in all), as well as Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale.

Laid back, relaxed atmosphere, with a good range of snacks and papers to read.

The kinda pub it would be easy to spend all day in.
The Jolly Brewmaster beer garden

The beer garden is also the best with large wooden tables and a covered area.

The Tivoli
pub No. 7 – The Tivoli

2 real ales and Guinness on offer, but no Newcastle Brown.

First pub with pickled eggs so far, so a winner on the snacks side.

Also has lots of TV’s for watching sports, as well as a pool table, and Thursdays are Poker night apparently…

The Suuffolk Arms
pub No. 8 – The Suuffolk Arms

A new pub for me and Col and a bit quiet when we arrived.

3 real ales, Guinness and Newcastle Brown on offer, no food and no “smoking area” (other than the pavement) that I could see.

The Retreat
pub No. 9 – The Retreat

bit of a students bar, so always lively and fun.

Only one real ale, but made up for offering Guinness, Newcastle Brown Ale AND Hogaarten, which we ended up on.

Food smelt good, but didn’t spot a menu to check out.
The Retreat bar

Good outside smoking area and wicked cartoons in the toilets.
The Retreat toilets

The Beehive
pub No. 10 – The Beehive

Another long time favourite of mine with an excellent atmosphere and great smoking area outside.

Also has a wide selection of Real Ales, Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale.

Good snacks and having eaten here before I know the food is also top notch, although not cheap. Friendly bar staff too.
The Beehive Garden

The Bell Inn
pub No. 11 – The Bell Inn

another new pub for both Col and I, and while it was a bit quiet I’d happily visit again, with friendly bar staff good real ale, although limited choice, Guinness and unfortunately new Newcastle Brown Ale.

Second pub with pickled eggs on offer.

No smoking area other than the pavement that I spotted.

The Bath Tavern
pub No. 12 – The Bath Tavern

literally next door to the Bell and yet another new pub for Col and me. 2 real ales on offer, and Guinness, but no Newcastle Brown Ale.

Busier than the Bell next door, but also no smoking area other than outside on the pavement.

No food on offer, but usual snacks and good music.

The Moon Under Water
pub No. 13 – The Moon Under Water

a popular and always busy pub, it is Wetherspoons after all, so cheaper than many.

Real Ales and Guinness, but no Newcastle Brown.

Covered smoking areas out front and back, good menu and lost of snacks to choose from.

The Varsit
pub No. 14 – The Varsity

a fairly scruffy students bar with lots of alcopop style bottles’s on offer.

3 real ales and Guinness, but no Newcastle Brown, no food and limited snacks on offer.

Lots of TV’s again for watching sports.

Another pub with the pavement outside as the smoking area.

The Vines
pub No. 15 – The Vines

a cool bar with real ales and Guinness, but no Newcastle Brown Ale.

But more importantly they also had Grass on the floor of the bar.

Yup, real live grass.  On the Floor.

I had to take my shoes and socks off to walk around on it just to make sure. :)

They also had live music and the food here is excellent.
The Vines Grass On Floor

pub No. 16 – The Prince of Wales [No Photo as I was too “tipsy” to remember by this point]

more of a wine bar style than a pub, but friendly staff and a good atmosphere.

Can’t remember if there was real ale or Guinness, or even what we had, apart from I had a glass of water that I had to drink backwards to get rid of the hiccups.

Thanks to the barmaid Kayleigh for that. :)

pub No. 17 – The White Swan

another favourite of mine that’s always lively and has a friendly atmosphere.

Real Ales and Guinness, but no Newcastle Brown on offer.

Not sure if there was food available.

End of the road, we managed to stagger out of the Swan at around 10:30pm and head back to Leckhampton to grab a Kebab on the way home.

6 Comments to “Leckhampton Pubs”

  1. on 06 Sep 2008 at 8:02 amAl Kirke

    Though i’ve not touched any grog for alot of years now was nice to see a few English in Australia and what the hell are pickled eggs not sure i want to really know.
    Thanks for the great stuff Matt and Happy B/Day

  2. on 06 Sep 2008 at 8:56 amGregg Sterner

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the great memories. In a previous life I worked in England and the Middle East for Northrop Aircraft Corp. My uncle, John Copestake, M.B.E., worked at the British embasy in Wash. D.C. for over 28 years. His parents had a Pub in Southern England, I believe in Lancashire. On several vacations we used to do our own Pub crawl through several of the ones you mentioned here.

    I’m retired now and live in the Dallas, TX area and suplement my retirement with my own internet business.

    I’ve subscribed to your Blog Tactics and found your material much better than most I’ve seen. So much so that it has inspired me to start in that direction.

    I look forward to more of your readings as I find it has great potiential for a new Income Stream.

    Best Regards,
    Gregg Sterner

  3. on 06 Sep 2008 at 9:11 amChristopher

    Happy Birthday Matt,

    What no bud light? Guess I’ll just stay in the states 😉

  4. on 06 Sep 2008 at 11:47 amChrisM

    Without checking properly, I’m going to assume you’ve not updated WordPress for a while. Therefore you may be using a cron job to facilitate your e-mail to post needs. If this is the case, the solution is simple – change the frequency said cron job is run from once every 24 hours to once every x hours. X is obviously as often as you want, but more frequent than an hourly check might be excessive.

    Yep WordPress 2.3.2
    OK, if you use a different system to get e-mails to become posts, I still reckon checking the frequency would be the smartest move.
    As for the actual e-mails failing, any sort of error messages received on your mobile device?


  5. on 06 Sep 2008 at 2:27 pmChrisM

    Just realised that today’s posts must mean you’ve sorted the problem out already.

  6. on 08 Sep 2008 at 4:00 pmMatt Garrett

    Hi Chris,
    yup, it was a problem with Gmail, sorted it now, or at least I think so…