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Leckhampton Loop Pubcrawl

I had planned on posting this pics straight from my phone as we did the pub crawl on Saturday, but had some technical difficulties, as my phone had lost my email password, so apologies for posting them “after the fact” as it were…

This is one of my favorite pub crawls, as we start just under a minute from my front door, make our way in to town and then back to end close to home again.

We forgot to take a pic of the 13th pub, the Prince of Wales, and the last pub, the Exmouth Arms.

1st Pub & lunch: The Norwood Arms

The Norwood Arms

we had a very nice Ham, Egg and Chips for lunch in the Norwood.

Pub 2: Morans Wine Bar

Morans Wine Bar

we were also somewhat tempted by all the fab cakes in Moran’s, but it was a little too soon after lunch..

Pub 3: The Beehive

The Beehive

the Beehive has been one of my favorite pub’s since I first moved to Cheltenham 5 years ago, but now I live within 10 mins walk of it as well! :)

Pub 4: The Retreat

The Retreat

another favorite with a cool little smokers garden hidden away at the back.

Pub 5: Montpellier Wine Bar

Montpellier Wine Bar

top spot for watching the world go by…

Pub 6: O’Neil’s


can’t go wrong with a glass of the “black stuff”!

Pub 7: The Ha Ha Bar

The Ha Ha Bar

the Ha Ha is just under 20 yards from O’Neil’s, but we couldn’t resist another pavement seat and good view.

Pub 8: The Queen’s Hotel Cocktail Bar

The Queen's Hotel Cocktail Ba

I think we got a trainee cocktail waitress, she forgot to put ice in our cocktails!

Pub 9: The Slug and Lettuce

The Slug and Lettuce

we usually go to Copa across the road from the Slug, but the outside seating was full up… :(

Pub 10: Taylors


this is where Col first started “whinging” that I always managed to snag the chair with the best “view”, not sure what he meant. lol!

Pub 11: The Vines

The Vines

looking forward to their annual weekend of putting real grass on the floor throughout the bar, it’s the first weekend in August.

Pub 12: The White Swan

The White Swan

um, this was out idea of a “funny” pic… too much beer, or not enuff?

Pub 13: The Prince of Wales

[No Photo, sorry]

Pub’s 14 and 15: The Bath Tavern and The Bell Inn

The Bath Tavern and The Bell Inn

yup, these two are literally next door to each other, or “in staggering distance” as it were.

Pub 16: The Exmouth Arms

[No Photo, sorry]

and to finish off the day we went for a curry at the Indus on Bath road.

all in all a relaxing day wandering around Cheltenham pubs enjoying the sunshine!

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