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​​​​​​​Hi,are you familiar with push notification?I am, I've just not been using them, which turns out to be a pretty big mistake according to several of my very successful marketing friends...I was in a skype chat with a couple of them yesterday and mentioned that I don't use push notifications at all and the silence was deafening!!to say they were shocked is an understatement...and then then proceeded to spend the next half or so telling me just how much extra leads and sales they get from push notifications, which made it my turn to be shocked! :-Oso it's time to change that, and you should too!fortunately there's a new system that makes it a total breeze to do AND isn't a monthly subscription, most Push Notification systems are monthly subscriptions, but you can grab this one as a one off license AND, even better, it's stoopidly cheap right now!and no, that's not some "manufactured coincidence", it's actually why the topic came up in our conversation...So what are push notifications?they're basically the little pop up boxes that you see when you go to a website asking to send you updates.Not opt in forms, but the little boxes at the very top.What you may not know is that there are tons of major companies that are making a killing by using these push notifications.Not just by sending notifications to their visitors' web browser on their PC or laptop, but also directly to the browsers on their smartphones as well!Since you know that most people hardly ever put their smartphones down, imagine if you could get these people's attention with the click of a button?Well now you can.Why do I like this system?Because it's the only one that I know of that allows for you to get up and running quickly with a ton of features REGARDLESS of your technological skill level.imagine being able to send push notifications to any of the popular web browsers without the interference of some nasty ad blocker.Or even better, being able to skip past the annoying spam filters and finally get your marketing message to the masses.How would that increase your bottom line?Email is no longer the only way to get in touch with your leads, being able to 'push' messages straight to them, sidestepping their spam filters is pretty amazing!Hit the button below to watch the demo now: Click Here To See For Yourself Now! Cheers, Matt Garrett How To Get In Touch:Support: support@gazmat.comBlog: MattGarrett.comProducts: MattG.comMedia Library: HomeBusinessReport.comFacebook: Share: Why Am I Receiving This Newsletter?You're receiving this email because you bought one of our products orone of our partners products on JVZooOur goal is to share with you our amazing and valuable content, reviews, discount and product reviews to help your become the highly profitable marketer you deserve to be!If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter then simply use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this email.Too Many Emails? Try our Private Weekly Summary Newsletter:​​​​​​​All Content in this email is Copyright © GazMat Publishing Ltd. and may not be republished in any format without express permission.

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