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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Internet Marketing and the Time Warp Effect

Working at from home on the internet can have strange effects on your life.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been in a time warp and days or even weeks have just

flown by, evidenced by the infrequency of my posts on this blog..

I guess that’s why my wife, Ira, is so important to my health, wealth and

happiness. She has an amazing (although sometimes irritating) habbit of dragging

me back to reality and making me look around at the world now and then.

She started a new job as an estate agent a few weeks ago and although she’s enjoying it, mostly because she isn’t stuck in an office all the while, she does work long hours and is tired most of the time, but still has the energy to drag me out to the gym, cinema, a walk or a meal out on a regular basis.

If she didn’t I’d probably be a mushroom already..

Of course the down the down side to having such a cool wife, is occaisionally

having to go and watch a girly movie, like “The devil wears Prada”, which I would never have gone to see otherwise, and guess what, I actually enjoyed it, but don’t tell any of my mates that..

ah well, enough rambling for one day, back to work.

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