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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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I’ve decided to stop complaining about how seldom I manage to post on this blog of mine and just live with the fact that I’m not a daily posting “blogoholic”.

It doesn’t mean that I have a life outside of my computer screen, it just means I’m to darned busy working, something else that I hope I can stop complaining abut one day..

I’ve also stopped hiding (Hallowen’s over) and jumping in fright (the fireworks have finally stopped), so I thought I should probably make the effort to post something here again, eve if it is

Breaking BLog News – I’ve even had my first comment from a visitor, if my daughter counts. :)

So come on, join in, post a reply!

I promise to authorise it as long as it’s not spam, or libellous, or defamatory (had to check the smelling on those two) or just to darned rude..

and on with todays post..

I’m not known for being particularly good with houseplants, being a little short of memory on the old watering them thing, so I’ve been a little bit surprised at the two houseplants I do have and how well they’re doing.

They’re not just still alive after over a year in my office, but they’re doing so well I might even have to consider getting a bigger pot for them to live in.

Check out my mad mutant cactus..

my mad mutant cactus

Now my misses told me some time ago that Cacti actually like the “EMF” stuff that comes out of computer monitors and tv’s etc.

Obviously I just thought she was a little crazy, as usual, but once again it looks like she’s right!

Please don’t tell her anyone (no she doesn’t waste her time reading my blog) or else I’ll be subject to another “I told you so”..

Anyhoo, the “moral” of the story is if you have a Cactus and it’s not doing well, stick it near a tv or computer screen!

You never know, it may just suck up all those “EMF’s” and be good for you as well as the cactus..

I guess I’ve just realised one of the reasons I don’t post on here very often, it ever feels like a proper “post” if I haven’t got a piccy to go with it.

Must find more piccy’s to post..

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