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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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I’ll Build Your Blog Bonus…

It’s last call time for the “I’ll build your blog for you” bonus I’m offering for Andrew Hansen’s Plug and Play Niche Cash system!

You can check out the offer here: -
>> N.B. there are only 63 left on offer as I write this, so go now!
~> Plug and Play Niche Cash

or read the original blog post I made about it here: -

Here’s the stuff you need to know: -

1. Andrew’s Plug and Play Niche Cash system give’s you 150 pre-researched niches, complete with keywords and affiliate programs to promote, as well as a whole lot of other stuff.

2. Last time Andrew offered a package like this (over 2 years ago) I set up a few blogs using the info and many of them are STILL earning me affiliate income after 2 years!!!

3. I’m offering to host, install, setup & fully configure your blog to use for this.

4. all you need to do is choose a niche from the 150 and let me know, then I’ll give you a few domain name suggestions (that I will research for you), you then register the domain name (try and update the nameservers (I’ve got a tutorial video to show you exactly how to do this), and then I’ll get on with getting the blog set up for you.

couldn’t be much simpler really could it..? :)

here’s the link again: -
~> Plug and Play Niche Cash

and as soon as you’ve grabbed your copy open a support ticket on with your receipt and I’ll get back in touch asap to get things going!

NOTE: There are only 63 left, so you need to be VERY QUICK!!!

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