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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Since I set up this personal blog I’ve seldom managed to post more than once a month, until this month, now this will be the fourth post for Feb, I must be getting in to this blogging thing..


So what’s prompted yet another post?

Well, I’m feeling a little tender today.

Irina had her Circuit Training Exam yesterday and I “volunteered” to be one of her “clients”, which also involved taking part in other peoples exams as well.

The exam was basically a 45 minute circuit training session and I haven’t been to the gym in six months so I was dreading it as I’m more than a little out of shape at the moment..

I was lucky, I managed to sneak away after just two sessions, but I’m still hurting in places I’d forgotten can hurt today..

The good news is Ira passed with flying colors!

Now she has just one hurdle left, her Exercise to Music Exam next week. The only problem is I’ve been “volunteered” to take part in that one as well. At least I’ll have some company this time, my good friend (and fellow sucker) Col (of Fame) has also been “Volunteered” in to coming, so I won’t be the only one hurting the next day, although Col is looking a bit fitter than me at the moment.

I think he’s been training in preparation, sneaky git!

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