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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Hi, it's common knowledge now that social signals, such as likes, tweets and shares, are essential to get your sites to rank well in the search engines, they've basically overtaken backlinks in importance, in fact google +1's and facebook shares are both now considered more important than backlinks! Quicklink: ~> Facebook comments and likes come close behind, as well as pins and tweets. This is now referred to as edgerank or social signals and the total influence of these social signals now has a far bigger impact on how well your site ranks in the search engines than your backlinks. If you want to get visitors to your site without paying for traffic then you need to start using Social Signals to your advantage to build your Edgerank! As you've probably already discovered for yourself, the problem with social media is that there are so many things involved that you need to get right to stay ahead of the game, it quickly becomes a time sucking mine field! Your choices are: - A. spend the time trying to get it all done yourself, and lose a lot of hair in the process, B. spend a small fortune on outsourcing it, along with the headaches that come with that C. pay a coder another small fortune to create something to do it all for you, if what they deliver even works or D. use plugins and then of course with plugins you need to know which ones to use from the thousands available... Pick the wrong one's and you'll end up with conflicts and constant updates that continually break your site! That's where the Ulimate Social plugin, all in one solution, comes in to it's own.. You get the very best social media tools, integrated with the latest must have SEO functions, giving you the ultimate hybrid social media marketing and SEO solution available today! check it out here: ~> *Note: the video includes a look inside the plugin and how it works. Kind regards, Matt Garrett Facebook: Blog: Support: email: Feedback: Weekly News: Premium Domains: Giveaway eBooks for Listbuilding: All Content in this email is Copyright © Matt Garrett Ltd. and may not be republished in any format without express permission. .................. Legal Stuff: This message is NEVER sent without your request. You are receiving this email because you (or possibly someone using your email address) signed up for a free report, video course, audio download, or other product or service from us: Matt Garrett Ltd. or SEO UK Ltd. If you no longer wish to receive updates then simply use the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. ................................. Legal Disclosure: - Material Connection Disclosure: You should assume that the sender of this e-mail has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to any 3rd party providers of goods and services mentioned in this message and may be compensated if/when you purchase from a provider. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the internet or offline. ................................. ~# End Of Email #~ Matt Garrett, Suite 258 20 Winchcombe Street Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL52 2LY UK and the best bits: ------------------------------<:) Too Many Emails? Private WEEKLY Newsletter: ------------------------------<:)

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