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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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We went to see the new movie “Curse of the Golden Flower” last week.

I admit it wasnt my choice, I was hoping to watch Shooter, but Ira wasn’t too keen for some reason, and it was her turn to pick what we watched..

It was one of those movies where the whole place was really quiet, in fact it was so quiet that Ira told me off for munchin my popcorn too loudly, even though the movie had sub-titles…

I can’t say I’d recommend it. Whilst it was visually impressive, it was somewhat predictable and didn’t really “engage” me.

I also got some funny stares when I was the only one who laughed (too loudly as usual) at the look on the eldest prince’s face when he realised who his new lover was. Talk about “sense of humor failure”!

At least it’s my turn to pick next time, although I’m not sure Ira will agree to watching Spidey3!

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