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  • thought I’d spark up twitter and see who else is working on a sunday afternoon, guess I’m not alone… :)
  • Been Moving a dozen or so domains to a different host & now have NS resolution problems, guess I gotta move them all again… :(
  • decided to clear my head and get some fresh air, got about 20 mins walk from the house when the skies opened up, gotta love UK summer time!
  • now just gotta move 23 domains, for the 2nd time this weekend! Good reminder how much quicker DirectAdmin is than cPanel tho!
  • Friday at last! Going to be another short day, need to go checkout that Batman movie tonight. :) #
  • After the recent PR update I spent most of yesterday checking old sites to see what’s changed and ended up finding some sites I’d forgotten! #
  • @carltonriddick Hi Carlton, thanks for following. Hope it’s as good as the last batman movie… :) #
  • @robocallaghan email for freedomclass going soon, thanks for the reminder! and I said going to cinema, what makes you think the pub…. ;] #
  • @robocallaghan, nice short url, that beats my, almost.. 😉 just sent you a techie querie on facebook mate, need some help… :) #
  • hmm, wondering not only what happened to the week, but also the month, is it really August tomorrow!?!
  • it’s no good, it’s just to damned sunny, I’m off for an early and very long lunch… #
  • damn, it must have been a busy day, only just realised I’ve not switched Twhirl on all day.. what I miss? :)
  • @neilshearing who me, a twitterer? nah… You seem to have taken to it quite well, after you blog post a while back…:)
  • well the weather’s just too nice, gotta call it a day and go sit in a pub garden for some fresh air.Nite all. :)
  • @benmack yep, Twitter seem to have dropped 75+ of my followers too, wonder what’s going on… :(
  • Made an early start to the day, but that oh so rare sunny weather is calling….
  • @neilshearing I’m not convinced your two new assistants are gonna be a lot of help Neil… lol!
  • @bonafide70 Hi Jerry, yup, still in Cheltenham and spending too much time in the pub gardens!
  • @Josh_Spalding Gotta agree with you mate, I use LiquidWeb for my main sites and never had a single hiccup, no matter how much traffic I send #
  • just got spammed for a WSO on my DigitalPoint profile! Is nowhere safe from WSO’s…
  • @robocallaghan did consider reporting the WSO “spam”, but ended up buying a copy after spotting a thumbs up from Dave Kelly…
  • wow! this is the biggest video project I’ve ever dome for someone else, better make some for myself too!
  • probably doesn’t help that I keep spotting great expriring, expired and auction domains bargains that I wanna grab for myself! :)
  • Hi and welcome to @HarrisFellman and the 20+ other new followers who’ve joined me today! :)
  • picked up the kids for the weekend, just got dinner on, time to check some email, facebook and blog comments.
  • @gfb3 missed your tweet last night, needed sleep. Twitter’s yet another form of communication, grab to help
  • @alex_jeffreys Happy Birthday mate! have one for me, Iit’s a bit early for me. 😉
  • had a friend drop by tonight to drop of 2 bottles of wine for me, now that’s thekinda friend I like! :)
  • another late start to the day, had my “morning” cuppa, now to do a blog post about this new blog plugin for twitter..
  • New BlogTactics Post: Free Twitter Blog Plugin
  • @Alex_Jeffreys not been to a seminar since BritPack last year, sounds like that’s not happening this year, bit of a shame!
  • @DaveTaylor Alex King has a plugin for WP that will make your days tweets a blog post –
  • New videos for expired domain service taking longer to make than I anticipated as I keep finding domains I want!
  • 3 vids done, 3 to go. Just noticed it’s light & the birds are singing, what happened to the time..? If I eat now, is it breakfast or dinner?
  • Monday again, ack to the grindstone. Planning on spending most of the week working on a whole bunch of new videos, for clients and myself.