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  • Blog Update Matt Garrett’s Tweets for 2008-10-25 #
  • Blog Update Matt Garrett’s Tweets for 2008-10-25 #
  • @thesinglesgym Happy Birthday Sue! I’m having a slow day, recovering from Col’s birthday pub crawl yesterday – #
  • @SimonHodgkinson just normal UK weather mate, a week in Florida should cure the typical internet marketers vampire complexion! :) #
  • Blog Update Matt Garrett’s Tweets for 2008-10-24 #
  • weekend is here, time for another birthday pub crawl, not my b’day, photos will be on as we progress, while batteries last.. :) #
  • Blog Update Matt Garrett’s Tweets for 2008-10-22 #
  • looks like I’m going to spend half my day downloading files – #
  • oops, forgot that http:// bit at the start, doh! #
  • want to offer your subscribers their very own social network site? #
  • @John_Taylor consider it “dugg” :) #
  • @yarostarak go get a few pints of Guinness in you Yaro, that’ll soon make you feel better! :) #
  • @chrisgarrett didn’t know it was on, bit late for me to make it tomoz, how often do you hold them? #
  • @chrisgarrett cool, will try and make the next one. :) #
  • @chrisgarrett thanks Chris, I signed up to the group as well. #
  • 2 days away at a seminar and get back to find my facebook account has been hacked, updated password to something a lot looooooooooonger.. #
  • If you’re one of my facebook friends please accept my apologies for the bogus wall post, I’m in the process of deleting them all… :( #
  • @andyhenry true, but I don’t want some bogus male enhancement post from my account appearing on friends walls… #