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Last night my Bro, Jumbs, came up to Cheltenham and the plan was to go watch a movie with Col, but after a few Guinnesses we kinda decided to just hang out and chat.

so we had a wander around town visiting some of my favorite pubs before ending up in his favorite Club (Excess) for a drink or two and by the time we left he was suddenly wobbling and seemed as if he’d had a LOT more to drink than Col and me.

We thought nothing of it and headed off to my favorite club (24/7) for a last pint or tweo before calling it a night.

Earlier this week I posted a link to a movie I came across on the weekend on one of my other blogs, you can see it here:

New World Order Conspircay Movie

It seems to have caught a few peoples attention (see the comments on the page), so I thought I’d post a link here as well, especially for all those friends of mine who think I’m some kind of “conspiracy theory nut”, who I would just like to remind that it’s not a “theory” if it’s true…

Go take a look at the movie, but be warned, it’s a: 2 hours long & b: a little slow at the start as it has to get through the whole mind control/religion thing & c: shocking if you’re brave enough to have an open mind.


Bad Conversation Traits

I came across this today and just had to share it, it’s quite interesting…

Conversation Secrets

Apparently there are four main personality traits that we should try and avoid in conversations.

Having listened to this I can see spot which two of these I’m bad at straight away, although I think my wife has me beat hands down, as she’s got at least three of these down pat…

I’d try and get Ira to listen to this, but she’d probably not pay any attention, interrupt it and give it advice, even though it’s only a video.

Ira is one of those people who doesn’t really pay much attention if it’s not her that is talking or the conversation isn’t about her.


the Prince and I…

it seems that I have good taste in clubs, apparently Prince Harry was in my favorite drinking hole the weekend before last, I missed him by a whole 7 days though, I must get out more!

Cheltenham does seem to have it’s fair share of celebs walking around, I’ve bumped in to Sharon Davis (Olympic Swimmer) in PC World before now, Ira has sat next to Richard “Hamster” Hammond (from TopGear) at the traffic lights a while back, and Ulrika Johnson (or it could be Denise Van Outen, I cant remember which) is supposed to have a house somewhere locally.

I can’t hide it anymore, I am getting old, and it’s not just trying to hide the grey hair by dying it blond, there are other disturbing symptoms too..

symptom 1.

Tonight I’m sat here in the semi darkness with most of the lights in the house switched off and the curtains drawn, like some grumpy old git, so that I don’t have to go an answer the door bell every five minutes to the latest bunch of trick or treaters looking for some goodies..

and it’s not just because I forget to buy any candy, as always, but more because I’m not keen to be standing on my own door step telling a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds “no, they can’t have cash instead”.

My last post was complaining about where the weekend went, and suddenly it’s the weekend again, and I’ve got nuffin planned, other than work.. :-(

A couple of weekends ago I dragged Ira down to Weston-“Super”-Mare so we could get some fresh sea air, of course I forgot how far out the tide can go at Weston..




I think you might just be able to make it out in the very distance. It did come back in, about 6 hours later just as we were leaving..

and then of course there was the Morris Men convention going on that day, check out the flying Morris Men below, we got bored of that too, after a whole whopping 3 minutes! I’ve never really been a fan and Ira decided it was a part of English heritage that she could live without.