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Matt Garrett Going Green

For the first time since I was about 17 years old I’m about to not have a car!!

Anyone who knows me well will probably be more than a little surprised by that..

I spent a large part of my “career”, back when I had a “normal” job, travelling all over the country visiting clients, so over the years I’ve had some fairly nice cars and possibly become a little bit of a “car snob”. (lol!)

So going without a car is going to be a bit of a “culture shock” for me.

Why am I doing it?


UK Earthquake

I guess working late on the internet does throw up some interesting stuff now and then, we just had an earthquake and as I wasn’t in bed asleep I got to experience the whole 7-8 seconds of the whole house being shaken!

To start off with I thought it must be a big truck driving by or something, but as everything in my office shook and I saw the poor cat shoot by the door and head downstairs it dawned on me that it was one of our rare earth quakes..


What happened to 2007?

wow, I was gonna say December zoomed by, but it kinda feels like the whole of 2008 zoomed by!

it seems to me that as I get older time seems to slip by quicker…

although I guess it’s not been an entirely un-eventful year, for better or worse, but I’m definately looking forward to a better year in 2008, just as soon as I sell the house and get divorced…

My goals for 2008?

1. launch more products for my business and build a much larger subscriber base by doing so, the first product should be ready to launch fairly soon.

I’ve decided to stop complaining about how seldom I manage to post on this blog of mine and just live with the fact that I’m not a daily posting “blogoholic”.

It doesn’t mean that I have a life outside of my computer screen, it just means I’m to darned busy working, something else that I hope I can stop complaining abut one day..

I’ve also stopped hiding (Hallowen’s over) and jumping in fright (the fireworks have finally stopped), so I thought I should probably make the effort to post something here again, eve if it is

Breaking BLog News – I’ve even had my first comment from a visitor, if my daughter counts. :)



I have to admit I’m not sure exactly what I’m gonna put on this blog yet, but I thought it was time I had a personal blog, instead of just boring old work ones..

I’ll probably post all sorts of crap on here, as well as using it for testing out new themes and plug ins to see what they do.

so here goes..