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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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It’s time for a quick update on how well using AdSwaps is working for me in building my newsletter or subscriber “list”, and I’ve got a couple of screen shots which I hope will make it clear just how good a method this is….

I was first introduced to the idea of “adswaps” back in August last year by another marketer called Sean Mize.

He got in touch with me to ask if I would be interested in sending his free offer to my subscribers in return for him sending my free offer to his list.

Now I was used to doing “JV’s” with other marketers where we each send out the other’s paid product offer to our subscribers, and both make some profits in the process, but I’d never done “free swap”, or “adswap” as Sean called it, before, so I was interested in testing it out to see just how well it worked.

I gotta say I was pretty happy with the result.

here’s a snap shot of what happened to my sign up rate in August and September last year when I started doing these swaps: -

At the time I had around 5-6k subscribers on my list and you can see that whenever I did an adswap with a new partner it would result in an extra 100-200 confirmed optins for that day!

You can quite easily spot the spikes in the optin rates in the image above!

and now?

well, I have to admit, sometimes I get lazy and don’t do any adswaps for a week or so, like back at the start of January, but you can see in the image below what happens again when I set up just a few adswaps each week: -

So how can you get in to adswaps?

Easy, go join up for the free IMAdSwaps forum here: -

NOTE: Once you sing up for the forum you will need to open a support ticket on my support desk below and tell me what the profile name you set up is, so that I can approve it. I do this manually to stop spam bots getting in to the forum and posting a load of junk.

and if you’d like some “social proof” from other forum members, here’s a testimonial that I received last week that I haven’t got around to putting on the landing page yet: -

“Matt Garrett’s forum is worth at least $2,000 per month for me. 
This is the big secret behind how I grew a decent sized list so fast.”
Jason Parker

Yup, this is one of those “secret” methods that marketers use to build their lists FAST!!

and the great thing is that you’re actually giving your subscribers good value at the same time as they get some sort of free report or product in the process…

So go get in the forum and start doing adswaps to build your list the quick and FREE way!!!

p.s. there is also a fre report that Sean and I put together for you to help you get started, you can grab it as soon as you’re in the forum.

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