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BlogRush Replacement

after having removed BlogRush from my sidebar a few weeks ago I came across what looks like a cool replacement for it…

It’s called Link2Blogs and it simply displays some links to related blogs and whenever anyone visiting my blog clicks on one of the links I get a credit for my link to be shown on someone elses blog in the same “category” until I get a return visitor.

it certainly sounds like a nice simple way of sharing traffic with other blogs and getting more visitors to my blog, let’s see how well it works…

I still haven’t found out why BlogRush decided my blog wasn’t “worthy” of being in their system, and it seems like they have a bit of a hit and miss system for deciding which blogs to kick out, as around a third of the blogs I logged with them have been rejected, including some of my best blogs, with unique regular content posts and good traffic.

They also don’t seem keen on giving any feedback as to why.

oh well, their loss I guess.

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