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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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My last post was complaining about where the weekend went, and suddenly it’s the weekend again, and I’ve got nuffin planned, other than work.. :-(

A couple of weekends ago I dragged Ira down to Weston-“Super”-Mare so we could get some fresh sea air, of course I forgot how far out the tide can go at Weston..




I think you might just be able to make it out in the very distance. It did come back in, about 6 hours later just as we were leaving..

and then of course there was the Morris Men convention going on that day, check out the flying Morris Men below, we got bored of that too, after a whole whopping 3 minutes! I’ve never really been a fan and Ira decided it was a part of English heritage that she could live without.



dancing morris men


Ah well, better go get on with some work before my dear lady wife gets back from the gym.

Have a good weekend!

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