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Bad Conversation Traits

I came across this today and just had to share it, it’s quite interesting…

Conversation Secrets

Apparently there are four main personality traits that we should try and avoid in conversations.

Having listened to this I can see spot which two of these I’m bad at straight away, although I think my wife has me beat hands down, as she’s got at least three of these down pat…

I’d try and get Ira to listen to this, but she’d probably not pay any attention, interrupt it and give it advice, even though it’s only a video.

Ira is one of those people who doesn’t really pay much attention if it’s not her that is talking or the conversation isn’t about her.

for example last night we were sat in the garden having a glass of wine enjoying the last of the sunlight. She’d asked me how my day was and I was about 16 seconds in to the conversation when she interrupted me to ask if I’d taken the washing out of the machine. I pointed out that if she looked behind me, we were sat facing each other, she might notice it hanging on the washing line. How about that for inattention.

Oh, and it’s her birthday today, so happy birthday Irina!

I won’t mention her age, I don’t want to get beaten up again…

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