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Internet Marketing Meets Life…

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Hi,Quick Version:This new plugin takes your blog post, turns it into nicely formatted PDF, and then offers this downloadable file to your visitors in exchange for their email address.You don't need to do any extra work to create your lead magnets, because now every post on your blog is a potential lead magnet...Click HERE to watch the demo videoWho else wants a bigger mailing list?I know, totally silly question. If you're a marketer and you still have a pulse, then of course you want a bigger mailing list.So one way to grow your list is to simply start driving more traffic to your lead pages, and I bet bet you're already working on that. So the other thing you can do is increase your conversion rate. In other words, the goal is to get more of your existing traffic to join your list.Check out these three awesome ways to do it...1. Capture exit traffic.The folks leaving your site didn't see something they wanted. They didn't buy anything, they didn't join your list. But before they leave, you need to dangle something super-enticing in front of their noses. You need to get them on your list, because if they leave they probably won't be back.The solution: pull out your best lead magnet and offer it to anyone who's leaving your site. Make them an offer they can't refuse.2. Brush up your sales copy.If prospects aren't opting into your list, you need to up your game. And that means polishing that sales copy on your lead page.Ask yourself:> Did you create an attention-getting headline?> Did you provide a bulleted list of benefits telling prospects why they should join your list?> Did you offer a call to action with a reason why prospects should join now?You'll want to test and track your sales copy to really optimize those conversions.And finally...3. Give people something they really want.Here's a big problem...The visitors are reading a blog post. They're excited about the topic. But then they see an offer for a totally unrelated lead magnet.You know what happens? They have ZERO desire to join your list. Zero. Because their head is someplace else (namely, on the blog post they're reading).Point is, if you want to boost opt ins, you need to give people something they want. It needs to be directly related to what they’re looking right now.The solution? A content upgrade - give them a neatly formatted downloadable version of the blog post they're reading.And the best news of all...You can do this without any extra work. Just use this new WordPress plugin to automatically convert all your blog posts to PDFs. It's a super-easy way to boost opt-ins and grow your list!List building doesn't get any easier than this, so hit the button below to take a look now: Click Here! Cheers, Matt Garrett How To Get In Touch:Blog: MattGarrett.comsupport: support@gazmat.comFacebook: Share: Why Am I Receiving This Newsletter?You're receiving this email because you bought one of our products orone of our partners products on JVZooOur goal is to share with you our amazing and valuable content, reviews, discount and product reviews to help your become the highly profitable marketer you deserve to be!If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter then simply use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this email.Too Many Emails? Try our Private Weekly Summary Newsletter:​​​​​​​All Content in this email is Copyright © GazMat Publishing Ltd. and may not be republished in any format without express permission.

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