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Does RSS Still Work

Does RSS Still Work

The RSS features built in to WordPress has always been one of the advantages of using the WP CMS platform, but is it still as good?

Well, believe it or not, your RSS feed could actually be losing you blog visitors…

When your readers access your blog contents through RSS Feed, they become more reluctant to visit your blog regularly, because they GET what they WANT from your blog from your RSS feed.

This results in your blog getting less real visitors, less comments and interactivity, and consequently, yielding less REVENUE than you deserve.

So whilst RSS Feeds help you gain repetitive readers and
followers, it hurst your bottom line!

Most bloggers think that the problems with RSS are: -

~ Their content is being stolen via RSS feed.

~ Readers are not visiting the blog because of RSS feed.

But, the problem is much deeper…

For the full low down, check out this free video & pdf report which shows you how RSS is ripping off your wordpress blog without giving you a simplest hint: -

How RSS Works

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SEnukeX SEO Software

Internet Marketing Tools

I’ve just been having a look around inside what has to be the most complete Internet marketing business building platform I’ve seen in ages, if not ever!


I suspect you’re going to be hearing a LOT about this one…

it brings everything you need together in to one place, whether you’re a newbie or a long time, seasoned marketer.

here’s a taste to give you a better idea of what’s included: -

~ Quickstart modules to get you up & running fast

~ Live weekly online training webinars with Q&A

~ Online marketing tools to make ecovers, squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, website graphics, backlinks and more… all with NO tech skills

~ Massive training library to learn whatever new skills you want

~ Points to spend every month on whatever YOU need most:

~ done-for-you traffic membership sites, viral advertising membership sites, niche blogs, niche review sites

~ website critiques

~ product or idea evaluations & recommendations

~ copywriting review and edits

~ 1 on 1 coaching sessions

~ marketing tools you can download and use forever

~ ebooks, software, and videos with resell rights you can sell for quick profits

It’s no contest…IM Springboard is by FAR the #1 resource for building your Internet business.

YOU can get in right NOW: ~> IMSpringBoard

Hurry and you’ll also lock in a crazy discount, the price goes up with every 100 members, so the later you join the more you pay…

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Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

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Weekly Summary June 17

SEnukeX SEO Software

Summary of the best blog posts and stuff from this week...

Hi, as it's sunday I thought I'd do a bit of a summary of just the best bits from the last week or so, mostly blog posts.

1. Google's Panda or Penguin Updates: Find out what happened and what you need to do now and going forward: -

2. Google Updates - Discover 'The Long Term Solution' and never suffer from Google updates again: -

note: this one is written specifically to promote a 'paid traffic' course, so if that's of no interest to you then skip it. :)

3. 60 IM PLR Videos cost $10

note: the upsell is another 60 WP videos for $17

I've picked up copies of both these for myself, as I think they are great value. I'm not going to list all 60 of the videos, but if you want to see what you get they are listed on my blog post here: -

Remember the first rule of PLR, don't buy it unless you're actually going to use it, there's no point in spending money if the stuff is just going to sit on your hard disk doing nothing....

4. PInterst WP Blog Theme - Siphon Free Traffic From Facebook & Pinterest On Autopilot using this excellent WP Blog Theme: -

note: obviously this is only relevant to you if you have a blog.

Note 2: the guys behind this also have an amazing attention grabbing 'bar' that appears at the top of your page, making the same noise as the sound you get from your browser when it blocks a popup, which most people are used to reacting to and checking out, so it realy does get people to take action.

Obviously you can put whatever you want on this bar, whether it's a link to an affiliate program, a squeeze page or whatever, it will get people to check it out and click.

I'm going to be putting this on a whole bunch of my blogs so I can test it out and I'll share the results with you in a future blog post, but if you'd like to see it in action you can here: -

Covert Action Bar

5. Building An eMail List With Unsubscribes - discover how to legally & ethically build a responsive email list from people who unsubscribe for your list: -

6. There is one 'offer' (NOT a blog post) that I want to mention because I really do think it's excellent value.

it's called 'Commission Stealth Bombs' and I know the name is a smidgeon 'hypey', but the product itself it solid, as always from Kevin Riley.

here's what you get every month: -

~ 2 pre-selling reports per month (delivered every 15 days) targeting profitable affiliate products

~ Step-by-step basic training for quick start

~ Drag-and-drop brander and step-by-step affiliate program directions

~ Step-by-step training to get your report distributed to maximum number of prospects

~ 2 list-building squeeze pages per month, including other autoresponder pages

~ 2 follow-up e-mail series per month for increased contact with prospects

~ Step-by-step autoresponder & squeeze page setup training

it's basically a whole lot of work done for you, but you will need to be able drive traffic/visitors for it to be worth while for you.

and here's the link: - Stealth Commission Bombs

OK, that's it, I hope you like the format of this post, but please feel free to give me some feedback and let me know what you thinkby leaving a comment here ro on my facebook page: -


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Subscribers Magnet
Copyright © 2012 Matt Garrett. All rights reserved.

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Fast Cash System

SEnukeX SEO Software

Fast Cash System

I’ve just come across a new, and a little bit odd, system for getting online commissions in as little as a day with less than an hours work, and no experience required…

Commission Shortcut

Most online affiliate marketing course teach you that you need to be:

~ Building websites [that nobody sees]

~ Generating traffic [that never seems to arrive]

~ Posting useless garbage on Facebook and Twitter

Sure, these “schemes” and “loopholes” all SOUND great…

But when was the last time you really made any cash from them?

that’s why I think you should check out this 100% new shortcut to online profitsā€¦


Something COMPLETELY new…

Something 100% unseen

Something that actually works right NOW…

AND will continue working for months and years to come.

I think you’ll be surprised, as it’s pretty quirky, but surprisingly quick and easy, AND effective.

It’s broken down into three stages…


~ zero skills

~ zero costs

~ zero stress


~ no experience

~ no knowledge

~ no websites


~ fast results

~ fast success

~ fast cash

these 3 factors are the KEY to normal, everyday people, with no previous experience, AND NO special skills, making their first commissions…

At ZERO COST, as there’s nothing you need to invest in to make it work…

I’ve even given a copy to my daughter so she can make some extra cash in the summer holidays… ;-)

Remember, you don’t need a website, or ay existing knowledge or experience to do this, it’s all covered, and the process is zero cost!

This is comething that everyday people, with no previous experience, AND NO special skills, are using to make their first commissions online…

here’s the video to check out: – Commission Shortcut

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Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

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SEnukeX SEO Software

Grab PLR rights to 60 “IM How To” turorial videos…

This is a pretty fantastic deal, you can grab the full Private Label rights to 60 great internet marketing “How To” videos, that’s 7 hours of content, for under $10…

AND you get the sales page for them, so you can get the whole lot up and selling quick & easy!

here’s the list of video topics: -

#1. How To Register a Domain Name
#2. How To Choose & Register a Web Host
#3. How To Set up Name Servers
#4. How To Upload Files with FTP
#5. How To Register a Youtube account and upload a video
#6. How To Register & Use Skype
#7. How To Setup a free WP Blog
#8. How To Setup & Optimize Twitter
#9. How To Setup & Use PayPal Order Buttons
#10. How To Use Google Trends
#11. How To Use Jung Screenshots
#12. How To Check Your Stats Using AWStats
#13. How To Crate a Facebook Fanpage
#14. How To Setup a MySQL Database
#15. How To Setup an AWeber Autoresponder Account
#16. How To Quickly Create Your Own Ecovers
#17. How To Create an Affiliate Link
#18. How To Setup Domain Redirects
#19. How To Optimize Your Website Title Tags
#20. How To Host Your Website For Free
#21. How To Register a Flippa Account
#22. How To Create a Zip File
#23. How To Create a Download Page
#24. How To Create a PDF File
#25. How To Surf the Web with Complete Privacy
#26. How To Register For a Forum & Change Your Forum Sig
#27. How To Setup Google Analytics
#28. How To Submit an Article to an Article Directory
#29. How To Import & Export Gmail Contacts
#30. How To Determine Your Website’s Alexa Ranking
#31. How To Check for Plagiarism
#32. How To Check Your Website Backlinks
#33. How To Add a Clickable Overlay To Your Youtube Videos
#34. How To Register with Clicbank & Find a Product to Promote
#35. How To Register with PayDotCom & Find a Product to Promote
#36. How To Do Keyword Research with Google’s Keyword Tool
#37. How To Post an Ad on Craigslist
#38. How To ‘StumbleUpon’ Your Website
#39. How To Outsource using eLance
#40. How To Answer Questions on Yahoo Answers, including a Backlink
#41. How To Setup & Integrate Google AdSense to Your Website
#42. How To Setup up “” email addresses
#43. How To Setup & Use Google Places
#44. How To Check Your Website’s Google PageRank
#45. How To Use Google’s Contextual Targeting Tool
#46. How To Setup & Optimize Your LinkedIn account
#47. How To Setup & Optimize Your Google+ Account
#48. How To Leave a Blog Comment with a Link To Your Site
#49. How To Create a ‘Favicon’ For Your Site
#50. How To Find Quality Expired Domains
#51. How To Create a Free Helpdesk with cPanel
#52. How To Research Target Audience on QuantCast
#53. How To Secure Your Download Page
#54. How To Use eBay Pulse
#55. How To Setup & Use Google Apps
#56. How To Setup a Squeeze Page
#57. How To Create a Facebook Ad
#58. How To Apply to a CPA Network
#59. How To Quickly Get Your Blog Indexed by Google
#60. How To Upload Files to Amazon S3

You’ll probably find that there’s quite a few videos in that list that you may find useful to watch yourself, not just to sell to your subscribers… :)

here’s the linkĀ  ~> private label internet marketing “How To” videos

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Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

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