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Archive for February, 2012

Drip Feed Food Recipe Blogs

2,681 drip feed blog posts for you…

The ‘recipes’ niche gets massive traffic, here’s a few examples of the numbers: -

  • Beer Recipe = 246,000 Monthly Searches
  • Banana Recipe = 823,000 Monthly Searches
  • Carrot Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches
  • Corn Recipe = 673,000 Monthly Searches
  • Coconut Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches
  • Ham Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches
  • Orange Recipe = 246,000 Monthly Searches
  • Peach Recipe = 201,000 Monthly Searches
  • Potato Recipe = 1,500,000 Monthly Searches
  • Salmon Recipe = 673,000 Monthly Searches
  • Shrimp Recipe = 673,000 Monthly Searches
  • Tuna Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches

so how can you advantage of this amazing niche right now..?

Simple, get hold of some pre-written recipes, in fact you can get 2,681 recipe blog posts across 50 sub-niches within the recipes niche, that you can drip feed in to your blog on autopilot.

the best thing is this is an ‘evergreen’ niche, it’s gets some of the highest searches you can get and it’s not some kind of ‘fad’ or seasonal market.

you also get built in affiliate links to make money on autopilot as well!

get started in the recipes niche today ~>

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IMDB Clone Script

SEnukeX SEO Software

IMDB Site Clone Script

Get your own auto pilot movie site…

Movie sites do very well online, as they are so popular.

You’ve probably heard of IMDB, one of the biggest, but how about having your own version of this site…

the biggest problems with running your own movie site are keeping up with all the new releases and news, AND making sure you have an archive of all the old movies as well.

This script takes care of ALL of this for you!!!

it includes: -

~ showtimes for the US, UK & Canada

~ ‘Now Playing’ Movies

~ Movie Trailers Search

~ Top Box Office, Opening This week & Coming Soon info

~ Full Movie Archive

~ Movie News

it’s basically your shortcut to your own IMDB clone!

AND it’s 100% hands free…

get your movie site today ~> IMDB Clone Script

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SEnukeX SEO Software

Auto Content Systems – How much content can you handle..?

you can pretty much boil down the elements of a succesful website to 4 things…

1. Choosing a Good Niche/Keywords

2. Good Content

3. Targeted Traffic

4. Effective Monetization

A system like NicheReaper covers for the very 1st one, but the 2nd one, ‘content’, can get people stuck in their tracks before they’ve even gotten started.

If you don’t have the time, ideas, or perhaps even feel you don’t have the ‘skill’ to write your own articles, then the standard solution is to get them written for you, which then means finding (and paying) a good article writer, right..?

not any more, check this out ~> AutoContentSystem

This is a brand new article automated content system that, as well as extensive training videos, includes: -

50 Human Spun Articles A Month

~> Choice of at least 10 topics

~> Directly download the articles with the spintax

~> Choose out of at least 100 articles a month

~> Maximum of 300 downloads per articles

Search From Over 100k Articles By Keyword Phrase

~> Database of over 100k PLR articles

~> Free to do anything you want with them

~> Search by keyword phrase to return relevant results

~> Interface to combine paragraphs

~> Once happy, add spintax to your articles using The Best Spinner or SpinChimp

Directly Import Content From Ezine Articles

~> API created to import articles from Ezine Articles relevant to your keyword phrase

~> Search from the full database of Ezine Articles by keyword

~> Combine articles to your liking

~> Strictly sticks within the T&C of Ezine Articles

Export Unique Spun Articles

~> Once spintax has been added, export articles as zipped text files

~> Choose whether to create a separate file for each article or one text file

~> Display different variants of the article on the screen for quick copy and paste

Spin Articles Directly From The Members Area

~> Use the Instant Content Robot spinner to create multiple unique articles of provided spintax articles

~> Download to your desktop as multiple articles or one long article.

Create MP3 Files of articles

~> Submit to podcast directories

~> Add as audio to your websites

~> Create unlimited MP3 or WAV files from any text which you enter

Create short reports of your articles.

~> Use the inbuilt PDF creator to easily create short reports

Direct Integration Of Content Produced

~> Use the integrated content creator to combine any functions of the membership site, so you can for example:

- use one of the prespun articles

- add in spun paragraphs from the PLR database chosen by keyword

- create text files, PDF files and MP3 files in just one go

you can probably see how this could change your business already, right..?

go check out the v ideo here ~~> AutoContentSystem

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Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

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