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SEnukeX SEO Software

Automated Backlinks Plugin

I guess you’re probably thinking ‘not another automated backlinks tool’…

yup, but then can you ever have too many backlinks to your site..?

the answer, in case you were wondering, is no, you only get in trouble by getting too many backlinks too quickly, which this deals with, or by getting too many backlinks from the same source, which this partly dals with, but you shuold use this as part of your overall backlinks strategy anyway.

Quicklink: -  Automated Backlinks Plugin

Note #1: there is a demo video on the page, just scroll down a bit to watch it.

Note #2: If you saw my blog post (and demo video – Automated Backlinks Software) for WPSBoxPro then what this new plugin does may seem somewhat similar, and that’s because it is, it essentially does much tthe same thing, but it does it in a different way.

with WPSBoxPro you need to do the harvesting of urls and then set up the project and run it, so it’s really ideal if you’ve got an outsourcer to do the work for you or if you’re running it on a seperate computer so you can let it run once you’ve done the initial setup.

with this new plugin you just set it up on a blog (and it can work for multiple sites from one blog) and it will just get on with it and go out to get the comment backlinks for you over time, effectively making it even MORE hands free.

If you have WPSBoxPro you don’t ‘need’ this as well, although you may prefer it simply because of the way it work, I’ve picked up a copy for myself for this very reason.

I will also get a blog post with a demo video done showing how the plugin works asap, although there is one on the site itself if you scroll down a bit.

I should mention it’s likely to be a couple of days before I get the video done as I’ve got my company Xmas party tonight and then have my kids on the weekend and we’re off to the movies as there’s several good movies on at the moment! :-)

So what does this plugin actually do..?

In summary, it goes out and gathers keyword targeted backlinks for you from a variety of types of blogs using blog comments AND it does this gradually over time, which makes it look totally natural to the serahc engines!

here’s a quick run down of what you get: -

~ UNLIMITED use – generate backlinks and traffic for an unlimited number of websites

~ Keyword-Related Blog Harvester – Traffic Automator will find blogs to get backlinks from based on keywords YOU CHOOSE so you get targeted backlinks that boost your rankings + traffic

~ Invisible to Search Engines – Traffic Automator can use proxies to hide your IP address so you don’t get blocked or banned from search engines while the software automates the process for you

~ Auto-Commenting (Backlinking) – you get hands-free backlinking because Traffic Automator not only finds the blogs to comment on, it actually posts the comments for you too saving you tons of time

~ Upload Your Own Auto-Approve List – if you have an auto-approve comment list you can easily upload it saving you hours of tedious re-typing

~ Choose Minimum Google PR – backlinks from higher Google Pagerank blogs get you more traffic faster, and with Traffic Automator you can set the minimum Pagerank to look for

~ Create UNLIMITED Campaigns & Track Results – Traffic Automator lets you create backlinks for as many sites as you want, and even better it will track the number of comments posted an approved (backlinks!) for you

~ Keyword Suggester Tool – Traffic Automator includes a keyword suggester so when you’re deciding what keywords to build backlinks for for each site, the tool will give you a list of the most popular for you

~ Get Backlinks from Yahoo + Bing Blogs Too – Traffic Automator will search Yahoo and Bing, in addition to Google, to find blogs to get backlinks for you, which means you get 3X the number of possible backlinks

~ Get Backlinks from Movable Type & Blog Engine Blogs Too – Traffic Automator will find WordPress blogs, but also Movable Type and Blog Engine to post commenst on and get you backlinks from, which means you get 3X the number of possible backlinks

~ Full Walkthrough Video Training

it’s probably the best value tool that does anything like this I’ve seen, not that I can think of any other plugin that works like this in the first place, so it get’s my recommendation, but I guess that should be obvious from the fact that I’ve bought a copy myself! :-)

here’s the link again: – Automated Backlinks Plugin

*Note: Any backlinking strategy should aim to get links from a variety of different ‘sources’ on an ongoing basis.

If you get backlinks from just one type of site, likes blog comments, this will not appear to be ‘natural’ to Google, and can result in a ranking penalty for your site.

You target social bookmarking sites, Video sites, Article Sites/submissions, Videos Sites, Press Releases, etc. as well as from blog comments, for your backlinking campaigns.

You should also always target at least 2-3 targeted keyword phrases as the anchor text for your backlinks.

For a more complete ‘Backlinks Blueprint’ check out

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Article Writing Software

Article Writing Software ArticleBuilder from Jon Leger has some spots up for grabs at the moment, although they may well have all gone by the time you read this post, as Jon’s stuff is always popular AND this auto article writer and article spinner is super cool!

don’t take my word for it, watch me show what the software can do in the quick video below…

You can check to see if there are any spots left in Article Builder Here

You may also want to check out my SENuke Review Video

and the blog backlinks system UniqueArticlesWizard

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