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The nicheReaper automated keyword and niche research system is closing it’s doors again today, after being open for just 7 days again, for the first time in 4 months…

AND the doors aren’t likely to open up again this year!

Yup, that’s how popular this system really is…

Check out this quick video giving you a whistle stop look around inside: -

Click Here to check out NicheReaper for yourself, before they close the doors again!

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SEnukeX SEO Software

Keyword Research Tools & Service

"aka" My Secret Niche Weapon... [KISS]

whether you're new to niche site marketing or an "old hat" like myself, there's always been one time sucking, pain in "rear" problem to deal with...

finding good *NEW* keywords to target!

"KISS" [Keep It Simple Solution] ~>

the traditional method for keyword research is to go out on the net and start looking around on different news & buzz sites, Google Trends,, etc. etc. to try and find something new.

obviously that can take up quite a bit of time, and once you're found a few, you then need to go and do the research on those keywords to see if they have real potential and to check out how much competition there really is, so even if you start with a dozen potential keywords, you could still end up with just 1 or 2 that may be worth building a site around, or possibly none at all, for all that time you've spent...

and then you have to start the whole process over again, it can be soul destroying to have to repeat the long winded, boring process over and over again just to end up with a few potential keywords!

The reason I know this, is simple, I've been there and done it, over and over again, for years...

but not anymore!

It took me and a techie friend of mine (Gary) 2 years to do, but we managed to automate the whole process, so that we don't actually need to go out there and look for those keywords, OR collect the data and crunch the numbers to see which are potential "opportunities"...

our system does it all for us, it scours the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for potential new niche keywords, collecting around 20,000 per day

it then collects all the relevant search totals, cpc values and competition data to analyze to identify which are genuine "opportunities" that are WORTH targeting, you don't want to waste your time and effort on keywords and niches that won't turn a profit for you!

then it collects some extra data to help out even further, like whether the keyword based domain or facebook fanpage URL are available, to make it even easier for you to target the keyword or niche.

Then it goes one step further, it gathers related keywords (inc. LSI keywords) together in to Niches, so you can see at a glance the "depth" and value of a niche as a whole, rather than just a single keyword.

This means you even have a list of the related keyword to target that you can use for article or blog post titles, one more job done for you!

So why waste your own valuable time doing all that "grunt work" when you can have it done for you..?

your time will then be free to get on with the bit that brings in the profits, building and promoting those niche blogs!
*although that can also be outsourced or automated, we share how inside the members area

with over 2.6 Million keywords already researched and another 20,000 being added every day, you're going to be spoilt for choice...

But we've even dealt with that "potential problem", even though it's a great problem to have, we don't want you getting bogged down trawling through all that data, so we've got some real simple to use "value" & "opportunity" filters built in, so you can drill down to just the highest value keywords and niches, AND there a whole bunch of ways you can refine the filtering to get exactly what you want to see!

We've just re-opened the doors to NicheReaper for the first time in 4 months, and, as expected, the available spots are going very quickly!

We have limited the total number of members to 1,000 to make sure the value of the system isn't watered down, and we're keeping to that limit, so WE WILL close the doors again once we hit that limit...

here's the link to use to secure your spot before they're all gone again and we close the doors: -

We also include 12 video training modules with over 60 tutorial videos in total, covering every aspect of building, monetizing and driving traffic to niche websites and Fanpages, so whatever your level of experience, we have you covered!

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Up To Date AdSense Guide

“aka”: AdSense that WORKS + 100k Traffic Blueprint [special bundled deal]

AdSense never stopped making money, you just need to know how to do it right…

Quicklink: – AdSense Bundle Offer

but the problem has always been that Google like to “move the goalposts”, regularly!

So you need an insider edge, up to date info from REAL AdSense experts, that is kept up to date…

The 1st part of this special “bundle offer” that I’ve managed to put together for you is exactly that!

Whilst the original version was released almost a year ago, it’s been updated to keep it bang up to date NINE times since.

It’s also based on the authors own real-world successful Adsense business, incorporating their original ultra-successful ‘Blueprint’ with the added benefits of nearly a year’s worth of further improvements, testing, etc.

AND it’s the ONLY Adsense course that is fully up-to-the-minute ‘Panda aware’ – the actual ‘Blueprint’ is fully compliant and aligned with all the new changes & updates.

They also have a private forum for questions, feedback, tips, up to date news and success stories, which has almost 2,000 active members, with over 13,000 Posts in over 2,000 Topics

This forum is so valuable people usually have to pay $17 a month to get access!

Best of all, because these guys actually do this themselves, it’s their own ‘bread & butter’, they can’t get lazy, they have to keep bang up to date with what Google’s up to, and they keep YOU up to date too!

But that’s not all, there’s a 2nd BIG part to this special bundle offer…

The 100k Traffic Blueprint, which includes a 130+ page pdf report on exactly how to get traffic from Google, especially after each new change that they make!

there’s also a “Quick Start Guide” and tutorial videos.

BUT most importantly, they inbclude new monthly traffic blueprints every month, for free!

BOTH courses usually cost $47 EACH, plus the forum is $17 per month, but I’ve managed to get you a seriously special deal on the whole lot!

check it out here: – AdSense Bundle Offer

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3 Day Information Product Publishing

No one really explains all the details? Is that what’s holding you back?

so everyone says you need your own product to make real money online, BUT they only ever teach you the “overview” of how to do it, missing out all the real, step-by-step detail, that would actually help you DO IT, right..?

well I’ve got a breath of fresh air for you today…

Kevin Riley’s illustrated Clockwork Recipe for publishing and selling a profitable “How To” guide in just 3 days…

and it does “what it says on the box”!

Quicklink: 3 Day Info Product Creation
*Note: Kevin’s a mate of mine so I managed to get a discount for you… :-)

Kevin’s guide is 135 pages long (!!!) and covers everything, in detail, in step-by-step format that is easy to follow, nothing missed out.

with this in your hands you’ll no longer get stuck anywhere along the process, it’s all in the guide.

Step-by-step how to: -

1. Find a profitable Niche/Topic (where to research & what to look for)

2. Create your “How To” guide (inc. planning, writing, graphics, formatting & editing, packaging & checklists)

*Note: the bit on how to find free images you can modify and use is worth the cost of this whole guide all on it’s own, imho. :-)

3. Selling yout “How To” guide (inc. writing & formatting the sales letter, presentation, pricing, creating the sales page AND the order button)

4. Getting prospects to your Sales Page (the bit that actaully puts money in your pocket)

In fact, the guide itself is a perfect example of how a great “How To” guide should be…

*Note: all the resources he covers and uses in the guide arte free to download and use.

there’s also a sales page template and whole bunch of extra worksheets and templates to get you going.

If you haven’t got your own product yet, this is going to be the bext solution for you to get own asap!

check it out and let me know what you think…

~> 3 Day Info Product Creation

don’t forget that link gives you a $20 discount!

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SENuke X Video Tutorial

SEnukeX SEO Software

SENuke X Video Tutorial

I did a couple of quick video on using SENukeX a while back, this one gives a complete run through of the software from start to finish, so you can see just how much of your web traffic generation and SEO it allows you to put on auto pilot…

There is a specific reason I’m posting this video right now, if you’ve watched it you will have noticed that using it with TheBestSpinner makes things even quicker and easier…

AND the latest version of TheBestSpinner has just been released and is 45% off for the next few days, so go grab your copy right now: – TheBestSpinner

and here’s a quick reminder of what SENukeX can automate for you: -

~ Social Network Profile backlinks

~ Social Bookmark Site Backlinks

~ Article Submissions

~ Press Release Submissions

~ RSS Submissions

~ Video Submissions

~ Web 2.0 site Backlinks

~ Indexing of all of the above

AND it will even set up all the profiles/accounts for you for using all of those sites, which on it’s own is a MASSIVE time saver!

I even know people who use this software to offer these “services” on sites like Fiverr to make money from using it for other people…

It also has a scheduling system built in so your backlinking “projects” can run automatically for you and be spread out over days or weeks so that all the links look totally natural and “organic” to the search engines.

One of the most important part of getting backlinks nowadays, especially after the Google “Panda” update, is to get backlinks from a variety of sources, AND spread them out over time…

This tool does exactly that for you, and more!!!

If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy yet, try it out here: – SENukeX

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