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Archive for December, 2009

  • oh my, they went and put me on YouTube! perhaps I should’ve chosen a different t-shirt, lol! #
  • Q&A session after my first presentation at Daniel Wagner’s Platinum Group -… #
  • @asant76 not tried SEnuke, but EVO2 is Pete’s best tool yet, does the business! and just had another 25 sites added for more links… :) #
  • why you need a “cloak” (free pdf report)… #
  • Just been playing with the wicked automated SEO links system from @peterdrew check it out here ~> #
  • with the right automation tools, your spare laptop can be your outsourcing/SEO department! lol thanks @peterdrew :) #
  • oops! broken link earlier for @peterdrew ‘s automated SEO tool, this works ~> #