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Archive for July, 2009

M Night Shyalaman’s The Happening, starring Mark Wahlberg

I like Mark Wahlberg, but perhaps he should stick with movies that area bit more action based, in this one he just looked confused most of the time, but then I guess it is an M Night Shyamalan movie, which can be a bit “confusing”.

I’m not a big fan of M Night Shyalaman’s movies, although I’ve watched most, this one just seemed to be more “confused and going nowhere” than usual, I’ve enjoyed previous movies of his more than this one.

The “shocking” bits don’t really shock, and it really doesn’t work as a “scary” movie, so apart from reminding us that we’re really not looking after the planet very well, this movie doesn’t seem to do much.

Not one that I’ll be adding to the collection or watching again anytime soon!

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Taken Movie on DVD Review, starring Liam Neeson

I enjoyed this more than I expected to, whilst it’s not in the same league as the “Bourne” movies, it is a solid action movie that zips along at a good pace.

The plot doesn’t throw up any truly surprising twists, but Liam Neeson makes the most of what there is to work with and makes a convincing “p’d off dad”.

The action does have a few “that was convenient” moments, but isn’t over the top, and there are a couple of classic moments in it, like Liam Neeson telling the kidnappers that he will find them and kill them when his daughter is first taken.

Would I watch it again?

Probably, it’s not a bad movie for after having a few pints at the pub, and I wouldn’t switch over if I caught it on TV sometime.

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Top 10 Tips for Attending the Royal International Air Tattoo

1. Leave early, otherwise you will end up spending a LONG time queuing to get in, we were queuing for almost 2 hours!

2. Take a portable seat to sit on, you will spend a lot of time sitting around and having a portable seat will make this a lot easier, especially if the grass is wet

3. Take an umbrella, just in case it rains

4. Wear comfortable shoes, it’s a  big “show ground” and just to walk from one end to the other is about 2 miles…

5. Take something to read, there are some quite bits where you may want to have something else to do, unless you’re with a bunch of friends.

6. take something to eat and drink, there are a lot of concession stands, but they are far from cheap! And it’s mostly burgers and chips, although there was a very popular Noodle Bar towards the middle of the show ground.

7. take some ear plugs, although you can get some there. Some of the fighter jets are very loud, so having some ear plugs is not a bad idea…

8. take some spare batteries for your camera, mine ran out within minutes of being there (who forgot to charge them…), so I ended up taking pics on my mobile instead, luckily it’s got an 8MP camera, so the pics were still ok.

9. If you’re really keen on taking pics or video then consider taking something to stand on to get a better view.

10. If you buy a program, understand that they may not stick to exactly the order published in it, they didn’t when we were there.

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Transsiberian, starring Woody Harrelson & Ben Kingsley

I was expecting a lot more from this movie, there’s some good actors in it, but the plot just doesn’t really deliver, it’s just too predictable.

The plot “twists” were easily spotted and the acting didn’t manage to make up for this, perhaps because there wasn’t that much for them to really work with, especially as the characters are a touch stereotyped with no real depth.

There’s a few bits of nice scenery to see, but the movie kinda of plods along without gaining the pace that you expect. The action scenes aren’t over the top or unbelievable, but also somehow fail to deliver any real excitement.

Not a movie that I’ll be bothering to add to my collection…

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  • @ChrisMerriman the link’s working for me, and the couple of dozen+ people who’ve already grabbed their copy! :) #

Royal International Air Tattoo 2009

I was hoping to take my kids to the Royal International Air Tattoo last year, but it was rained off for the first time in it’s history, so we we’re pretty determined to make it this year, and it was well worth it!

We took umbrella’s just in case, but the weather was kind enough to stay dry, my son and I even picked up a bit of sun burn, so we certainly can’t complain at the weather!

The day didn’t start quite so well though, as we ended up stuck in the queue to get in for almost 2 hours!

Fortunately we did make it in just in time to see the Red Arrows doing their display, which managed to cheer up the kids no end, as they suddenly forgot about all the time spent sat in the car in the queue.

The only down side with seeing the Red Arrows first, was that all the other air display teams we aw after didn’t quite seem as exciting… lol!

but then there was the Avro Vulcan B2 Bomber!

I hadn’t realized that it was going to be there, so this was a pleasant surprise for me as this was one of my favorite toy plane’s as a kid, the distinctive “delta v” shape is just sooo coool! ;)

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about the Vulcan, the moment the announcement came over the tanoy that it was about to take off EVERYONE was up on their feet with cameras in hand!

and no one was disappointed, the Vulcan taking off is an amazing thing to watch and hear!

One moment it’s on the runway and the next it’s leapt in to the air at a 45′ angle and is screaming it’s way in to the sky.

I managed to get a great pic on my mobile, but I seriously regret not videoing it instead, the Vulcan’s engines have an amazing roar to them, and the speed with which it leaps in to the air is totally astonishing for a plane of it’s size, after all, this is a long range heavy bomber, not a jet fighter!

The Vulcan was easily the highlight of the day for both me and the kids, but there were also some cool flyby’s, including a LancasterBomber and 2 Spitfire’s, as well as a pretty amazing display from a Chinook helicopter, something that big and clumsy looking should not be able to do what the pilot managed to get it to do.

We headed back to the carpark to try and beat the rush out before the Eurofighter display started, but ended up seeing most of it from the carpark as we were waiting to get out anyway.

All in all the Air Tattoo was a thoroughly enjoyable day out!

Oh, I’ll be a doing a Top 10 Tips for Attending Air Shows post next…

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10000 BC Movie on DVD Review

I didn’t go in to this movie (on dvd) expecting much, and yet it still managed to disappoint, in just about every way possible…

for a movie that’s going to have to rely on special effects to a high degree, they really did suck!

the Sabretooth in the pit was so unbelievable, both the visuals and the storyline, even my kids laughed, and they’re usually pretty easy to keep happy in this kind of film!

I guess 10,000BC is an kids action/adventure movie, so you don’t expect a compelling storyline, but the action and pace of the film never really grabs you either, so I guess the only saving grace is that it’s not a long movie…

if you haven’t watched this yet, I’d recommend skipping it.

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