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Archive for May, 2009

  • @kgallo ok, so being a treker, ex-D&D’er, M:TG’er and WoW’aholic , as well as knowing how to build a pc & a blog might make me a full geek #
  • @AudioBooksGuy do I get Twitter? you tell me –
    :) #
  • New “Girlfriend” Plan to save the country’s economy – SERIOUS(ly funny)!!! :) ROFLMAO! #
  • free video + my special bonus offer! #

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  • @justinbrooke was good to meet you to mate, always good to find an SEO guy who knows their stuff for real! :) #
  • @marlonsanders good to see you back and to hear you’re on the mend after your surgery! :) #
  • 412 new confirmed optins in 24hrs, another good day and all thanks to noth’n better than building your list for free :) #
  • @marlonsanders getting back on track and doing some real work for a change. :) you? #
  • @marlonsanders is doing V. well too, 2 months in and over 560+ questions answered for people! :) #
  • RT @PerryBelcher: 25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts #
  • get your own sales funnel… #
  • @mcgalliard @trpeltz I guess you guys are referring to a different Matt Garrett..? :) #
  • @DonnaFox Good to meet you to Donna. give me a shout if I can ever help you with anything. :) #
  • @louisepuddy so we gonna get this adswap set up Louise? :) #
  • Learn To Make Your First Dollar For Under .10c? #
  • awesome video of 2 guys who raised a lion revisting it years later – #
  • funny tech support video – (some swearing) #
  • just back from the movies, the new Star Trek movie rocks! Shame about Pegg’s Glocester accent, he’s still funny tho. :) #