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Gifts For Giveaways

Your free giveaway gifts to use for building your list!

so what’s this gift I mentioned yesterday on

simple, it’s just what you need to give your list building a kick start, using giveaways!

First up you need to sign up for some of the current & upcoming giveaways,

here’s some to get you started: -

Russells Big Birthday Giveaway
Contributors =>
or just get the gifts =>
Start Date => OPEN NOW
Ends => Saturday March 21st 2009

Traffic Giveaway 1.0
Contributors =>
Start Date => March 14th 2009
Ends => Saturday March 28th 2009

100 Percent Giveaway
Contributors =>
Start Date => March 20th 2009
Ends => April 01st 2009
Friday the 13th Giveaway
Contributors =>
Start Date => 3/13/2009
Ends => 3/27/2009

Members Only JV Giveaway
Contributors =>
or just get the gifts =>
Start Date => OPEN NOW
Ends => March 28th 2009


Once you’ve signed up for one or more of them you will need something to giveaway and a squeeze page page, so that’s where my gift for you comes in…

It includes 9 gifts for you that you can giveaway, so you can pick which one you want to use for each giveaway event, or even to offer as a bonus on your own blog or site to help build your list: -

  1. Blogging On Steroids
  2. Blogging Power
  3. Fire Your Boss
  4. Massive Blog Traffic
  5. Social Madness
  6. Squidbasics
  7. Social Marketing Directory
  8. Social Media Riches
  9. Web 2.0 Sites Exposed

and it includes 3 Squeeze page resources, that you can also giveaway, as well as use yourself to get your squeeze page set up: -

  1. 12 Squeeze Page Templates
  2. Squeeze Page Mastery
  3. The Squeeze Page System

I’m only going to leave these files up for you to grab for a short time, like 24-48 hours, tops!

So go and grab them right now: -

** UpDate: If you now want to get hold of the gifts, you need to go to: -

N.B. the file is 123MB, so may take a little while to download. :)

I hope you like the gift!

Feel free to leave any comments!

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