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Archive for December, 2008


Viral Ads

Viral Ads Blog Traffic Widget

Discover just how quick and easy it is to add a Viral Ad Widget to your blog for more free targeted traffic and visitors in this short video : 5.11 mins

You can see the widget working in the sidebar of this blog, it’s the big blue box.

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Viral Ads Blog Widget

There is a paid upgrade for the system which ads a great feature to help build your email newsletter subscriber list, so check it out when you register for the free version

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  • @mikefilsaime I’m an hour or so in to a promo with an adswap partner and is down! Not good!!! :( #
  • @mikefilsaime looks like it was a temporary glitch, PDC is back up… phew! :) #
  • “The Twitter Experiment-Get Involved” you’llprobably see a lot of this soon… :) #

Gmail Security Tweak

I was going through some notes I’d made a little while back last night and came across a little golden nugget that was given to me by fellow marketer Simon Hodgkinson..

Simon’s a pretty smart marketer with a fairly impressive array of products, which you can check out on his Hodgkinson Publishing site, as well as his own book

Simon was checking his Gmail account while we were sat at the bar and mentioned another marketer (who’s name I can’t remember) who had his gmail account broken in to after accessing it on an unsecured network at a hotel, and subsequantly had many of his websites, servers and other business assets attacked!

The problem is that gmail is accessed via http instead of https (secure encrypted) as a default, so if you use Gmail I recommend you take a moment and go in to your “Settings” (from the top right hands side of the page when you’re logged in) and then scroll down the page to the bottom to find the option to change to logon via https as a default.

gmail https login option

gmail https login option

It only takes a minute or so to do and could save you a lot of agro down the line sometime… :)

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